Top 5 New Mom Transformations

    Becoming a mother brings a whole new world of changes to your life. Not only do your priorities shift greatly, your schedule becomes hectic leaving very little time for yourself.  Priorities now revolve around the little miracle you have created in your life as they should! Aside from adjusted schedules, lack of sleep and your own optimal health care, your body will go through a major physical metamorphosis and not always in a good way. However, do not feel as if all hope is lost once you have crossed over into motherhood.

    Here are the Top 5 Complaints Among New Moms and maturing women and what you can do to bring your sexy back.


    #5. Skin Tone, Texture, Wrinkles and Fine Lines

    Days consumed with endless “To-do Lists” and long, sleepless nights can oftentimes seem to define your life as a mother. The stress and sleep deprivation can wreak havoc on your skin leaving you looking tired and dull. This also allows fine lines and wrinkles to rapidly make an appearance of your face without warning. Improving skin tone and texture does not require surgery or extensive downtime.

    #4. Droopy Breasts

    A woman’s body changes so much during and after pregnancy. One of the most common complaints from mothers is that their breasts are not as firm and perky as they were pre-baby.  Breast augmentations and breast lifts are often sought out by mothers who are looking to boost their confidence as well as their cup size. These types of procedures are an incredibly effective way to give your breasts an ideal shape and size. Although it is typical to use breast implants when getting a breast lift to achieve optimal results, it is not always required. Each patient has different aesthetic goals/needs and is individually evaluated when choosing the type of procedure to have done.

    #3. Wrinkly Face and Neck

    Age can rear it’s ugly head and it may seem impossible to get back your smooth youthful skin. Face wrinkles can be smoothed out surgically or non-surgically depending on what you are looking for. Surgical procedures are more effective aesthetically and can be more cost effective over time when looking for what procedure will meet your wants and needs best.  A liquid face-lift is a common procedure that is often combined with fractional laser skin resurfacing when looking for facial and neck rejuvenation. In order to rejuvenate the neck a tightening procedure must be done.

    #2. Muffin Top

    Muffin tops can be extremely frustrating to hide and to lose. After having a child you may be longing for your pre-baby bod which entails a flatter and tighter abdomen. There are a number of approaches to getting rid of the muffin top. The following procedures restore your natural feminine physique, remove access fat and rejuvenate the belly button.  Smaller muffin tops can be treated by getting laser liposuction which reduces fat and tightens the skin on your abdomen. Larger muffin tops require a either a traditional abdominoplasty in conjunction with liposuction or a limited incision tummy tuck. Depending on your aesthetic goals, your doctor will determine which procedure is best for you to when it comes to being the least invasive offering the best results. Non-invasive procedures such as coolsculpting are also available.

    #1. Cellulite

    Cellulaze is an incredible treatment of cellulite, combining laser liposuction with advanced safety protocols safely and permanently removing cellulite in as little as one session. Never be afraid to show your skin again.

    Have You Considered A Mommy Makeover? 

    Dr. Steinbrech is the creator of Mommy Makeover Manhattan supporting the mothers of the New York/Tri-state area in helping to give back their bodies and their self-confidence. Dr. Steinbrech practices revolutionary industry techniques in various types of breast augmentation and liposuction procedures that peel away the excess fat and sagging skin to reveal your beautiful pre-baby body underneath.

    A “Mommy Makeover” is a set of procedures designed to restore a woman after her body has undergone the strain of childbearing. Board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Steinbrech, is an expert in mommy makeover procedures in NYC including breast lift, breast reduction, tummy tuck surgery, as well as liposuction. Mommy makeovers are performed to restore and rejuvenate post-baby bodies and help women regain their sense of self-confidence.

    A mommy makeover is the perfect solution for women who have recently given birth and want to restore their body to the way it was before pregnancy.

    It’s a combination of procedures, meant to tackle the usual problems that may occur after pregnancy – sagging breasts, less definition in the waist, pockets of fat in the abdomen area, stretch marks and other similar changes of the body. These can often be diminished with just a few procedures – the breast lift, breast reduction, tummy tuck and liposuction. These are absolutely safe and minimally invasive, helping women restore their youthful looks quickly after giving birth.

    About Dr. Douglas Steinbrech

    Dr. Douglas Steinbrech is one of Manhattan’s best plastic surgeons. He is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons, under the American Board of Medical Specialties. Mommy Makeover Manhattan was built on the philosophy to perform minimally invasive techniques on all patients in both surgical and non-surgical procedures.


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