Top 5 Business Tips for Millennial Entrepreneurs

    Starting a new business is equal parts excitement and fear. Having recently launched ACCENT (, I uniquely understand the roller coaster and the persistence needed to bring your idea to life. Below are some of my personal learnings from the journey.

    1. Perfect Doesn’t Exist: It is tempting to want to hold off launching your business to get your product, service, or website 100% perfect. Although it is important to make sure your business does match up to your original vision, it will never be perfect right out of the gate. It is impossible to imagine and solve for all of the issues your business will eventually face. Take the leap, and don’t delay….get it launched! I have found that it is in the actual doing, that you gain the best insight and learnings to make a real impact.
    2. Don’t be an Island: Being an entrepreneur means you have to wear many hats. On a given day, you could be shifting seamlessly between creative development, sales, marketing, and financial analysis. It can sometimes be daunting to try to do all aspects of your business alone. I have definitely made an effort to seek out advice and support from others, and it has made all of the difference. Being able to talk through challenges with others and gain new perspective is invaluable. Inspiration can even come from seemingly unexpected sources, so be open to what you can learn from the people you encounter every day.
    3. Roadblocks are Unavoidable, so be Positive: Success isn’t without struggle…..we all know this logically, however it can be a different story when the struggle is actually happening to you. That ideal campaign that you had dreamed up failed miserably. These are the times it can be tempting to focus on the negative and give up. I always take a deep breath and give myself a moment to acknowledge the shortfall/problem. Then I quickly move on, and focus my attention on the larger goal. Maintaining a positive attitude is what will carry you through the rough times, and afford you the creativity and clarity to overcome obstacles.
    4. Be Open to Modify the Blueprint: One of the biggest lessons I have learned with my company is that it is a living, growing entity. What you may have thought initially would be your specific niche, may actually be very different from where you are gaining success in the real world. I have tried to be open to new concepts and be willing to switch gears to capitalize on opportunities. Having a sense of flexibility will allow your business to truly evolve.  A great tip for any aspiring entrepreneur is to invest, investing in franchises seems to be a very popular thing to do in recent years. As there are so many different franchises to pick from, Franchise Info have a list of great franchises that you could potentially invest in.
    5. Don’t Forget to Celebrate the Wins. Being in the trenches, it can sometimes be easy to glaze over important milestones as you are always on to the next task. Be vigilant on what you have accomplished, and make sure to celebrate the wins….even the seemingly small ones. Each step forward is a big achievement, and you should give yourself that pat on the back. It will help keep you positive and inspired for the next challenge.

    About Nanci Bergman and ACCENT;

    Self-expression is at the core of ACCENT’s mission. We’re a custom accessory company with a clear goal: empowering individuals to express themselves at the intersection of fashion and design. We have developed a platform to create statement pieces that elicit drama, impact, and are as individual as a fingerprint.  

    The concept for ACCENT was drawn from founder Nanci Bergman’s long career in consumer products. Whether with large corporations or start-up companies, the quest had always been to conceive, develop, sell, and promote the perfect product that appealed to the greatest number of people. Then the light bulb went off: what if the focus was not on mass production for the masses, but rather creating one singular product perfect for an individual? And what if a company could leverage technology like 3D printing and customization software to create a unique customer experience? ACCENT is about achieving individuality at the highest level. We don’t create one product to sell to one million people; we help each of those one million people make one product exclusively for them.

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