Poetry By Felix

    Yes,I called in sick at work.

    I’m sick,sick and tired of having you come second all the time.Today,I won’t take it anymore.

    All I ask of you is to shut your mac,turn off your gmail notifications and just relax.

    Let’s take long walks in the park with no particular topic to talk about.Let’s sit at central park,under the Bethesda fountain and just admire the beauty and inspiration that life has to offer.

    Let’s take the jeep,drive into nowhere. Let’s get lost and find our way back home arguing on who picked the right direction and who got it all wrong.Let’s laugh our hearts out as the both of us get it wrong.If we get lost even more,lets get an assistant to help us find our way back home. Definitely not siri. Lets work our way out on the map till we figure out our way back.Lean in for a kiss as I drive.Let’s sing along to sick jams that come on the radio.Let’s try lip synching. And if I fail, let’s laugh.Let the other drivers stare at us like we are some primitive creatures who just touched down on earth.

    Let’s get crazy.

    Let’s stop at a nearby church and ask the pastor to wed us,for we are ready.Let him laugh and offer us advice, then we’ll be on our way.

    Let me get to see and experience the crazy,the real side of you that I’ve been missing.That has been lurking in there just waiting for a trigger.

    Let’s play truth or dare on our way home from nowhere.Let’s put our crazy sides to the test.

    Let me cook you dinner at the end of the day.Your favorite, just the way you like it.Let me rub your legs afterwards as we are on the couch watching some badass Jason Bourne movie.

    Let’s go upstairs. Allow me to massage you. Afterwards, let’s make love, just how you like it. I’ll be rough but gentle. I won’t stop till you won’t feel your legs. After we’re done we’ll cuddle late into the night and fall asleep while talking to each other drunkenly. High on satisfaction.

    In the morning,let me bring you breakfast in bed.Let’s look ahead and plan for our future over coffee.After breakfast, we’ll have even some more sex and basically lay in bed for the rest of the day, enjoying the company of each other.

    Later on,let’s go to Walmart and basically be a pain in the behind to the management and stuff. Let’s run away as they threaten to call the police.When I come across my boss or coworkers, the fun doesn’t have to end.The actor side of me will immediately take over and save us from the shave.

    When the arm of the law catches up with us, let’s foolishly cry in front of the officers mumbling words, each taking turns to convince the officers otherwise until we’ll be out of trouble. If that doesn’t do the trick, then I’ll call an old friend to come bail us out and offer no explanation whatsoever as to why we are in that situation.

    Let’s not waste time, let’s hit the club and party like no one cares.Let’s get drunk enough to not be able to walk and just stare at each other laughing and kissing while drunk.Let’s uber back home.We would pick the car the following day as we schedule for something else.Let’s talk to the uber driver while high AF.Let’s make his day.Let’s get frisky in the back of the car,just enough to have the driver crack up for the foolish and near impossible stunts we we’ll try to pull and just give up.

    The following morning, we’ll just stay in bed with just coffee and Netflix, cuddling essentially for the better part of the day before we  take turns massaging each other.

    Let’s go to the Japanese restaurant that just opened around the corner and try out all those funny delicasies.I can’t wait to see your face as you have a bite of hachinoko, probably the weirdest dish you will ever try.The thought of you shutting your eyes and quickly and munching it down due to its unfamiliar taste and crunchiness in your mouth is priceless.

    I want to see the side of you that I have been missing for quite a while.

    Submitted by Felix, Poetry Contributor