Top 4 Foods To Cleanse: Spring Detox

    There is nothing more daunting than realizing that despite the arctic chill that remains in the air, summer is rapidly approaching. With less than 60 days ahead, individuals have no more excuses. Soon they will be forced into bearing their mid-riff in some capacity…

    Whether it is beach attire, skimpy sun dresses, or flashing those pecs on the sands, everyone knows two months is the absolute bare minimum they would need to step up and kick their behind into high gear in order to reach their desired fitness goals. Two months? Does that sound far away?

    It’s not. I can assure you.

    A few weeks ago it may have been acceptable to push off that spin class or skip that hour on the stair-climber…

    Now, more than ever, it is time to reevaluate your diet. Bye-bye doughnut holes and hello kale! It is certainly not going to be an easy transition after months of staying dormant and indulging on garbage, but the rewards can be high-

    a svelte, trim silhouette basking in the sun!

    So as everyone enters the final stage of their panic attacks, we thought we would give you a few cleansing foods to jump start your weight loss…and melt away some sins.

    #4 Asparagus

    Rich in antioxidants like glutathione, which is essential for your liver (filter) to neutralize toxins on their way out.


    #3 Dandelion

    Sip dandelion tea to help your liver/kidney filters.

    #2 Cinnamon

    Helps to balance blood sugar.


    #1 Lemons

     Helps to alkalize and improve digestion. Mix with warm water first thing in the morning for optimal results.


    About My Custom Cleanse

    Meet Inna Topiler and Alyssa Cellini, clinical nutritionists and owners of Complete Nutrition and Wellness in Hoboken, New Jersey. With nearly ten years of experience in clinical practice, they have helped thousands of patients:

    • Lose weight
    • Eradicate all types of digestive issues
    • Increase their energy
    • Clear up their skin
    • Balance their mood
    • Improve their immune system
    • Recover from various chronic diseases

     “We do this by addressing the whole body and getting to the root cause of health concerns through the use of natural means.”


    Cellini and Topiler have developed a series of targeted questions and algorithms to get to know you and what your body needs. From there, they create your individual 14 day cleanse plan so you can feel your best and reach each of your goals.

    After completing our fun and simple questionnaire, you will receive:

    A personalized food plan based on over twenty individual factors we incorporate and analyze to support your goals…

    A specialized nutrition shake for delicious smoothies that you can use as snacks on the go…

    A professional-grade supplement combination hand-picked to fit your needs and concerns…



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