Top 3 Most Annoying People on Facebook Yard Sale Pages

    Yard sale pages are all the rage on Facebook. It’s a great way to declutter your home, sell some unused items and also pick up all types of goodies (home goods, furniture, clothing, etc.) on the cheap.

    But like I always say….There’s always one in a crowd. And in this case there’s Three.


    #3 – The “Bumper”…

    This person tries to “bump” their posts to the top… in most cases there is a rule that you may not bump your post to the top of the page unless your post has been up a couple of days. But, the “Bumper” tries to put the post to the top of the page every couple of minutes… this is a big no-no and trust us, the Admin of that page will call you out.

    #2 – The “Let me check with”…

    You post an item.

    You get an alert on your phone.

    You think… Awesome! Someone is interested in my bookcase!

    And then you see “Interested, but let me check with my darling, dearest husband”.

    UGH!  Technically, you have to give that person first right of refusal, but meanwhile you have 4 more people interested and have to wait the Hubs to make a decision on your $10 bookcase.

    #1 – The “No Show”…

    This may be the worst offender in the yard sale page world. They claim interest in your item. They private message you (5 times!) to set up a time to pick up the item. They can’t get there until Thursday (it’s Monday), but will be there at 5 PM sharp! PLLEASEEEE hold it, they swear on all that is Holy that they will be there.

    Thursday 5 PM comes and goes.

    You private message…no response. You try again. At first you think “I hope everything is ok, maybe there was an illness or an accident”… still nothing. You wait until Saturday because you kind of feel bad now, something must have happened to this poor person. You message again.

    Finally you get a response.

    “Oh, my bad… I found one on another page, I picked it up on Tuesday. Sorry about that.”




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