Top 5 SNL Movie Spinoffs

    SNL has provided us with countless laughs for decades on end. With an ever-revolving cast of talented up and comers, plus alumni favorites like Ferrell, Fey, Fallon, and even Wig moving onward and upward, the skits are simply unforgettable.

    Most of us are practically bilingual in movie quotes, so we don’t even realize the references are from some of our favorite Saturday Night Live characters. Although, many characters may have it’s own cult fan base, not all of them translated well onto the big screen.

    The Ladies Man, Stewart, Church Lady, etc., all quotable and lovable in their own way, yet did not have the chops for box-office success. Even though the following classics may not have received critical acclaim or brought in big budget numbers from movie-goers, they remain fan favorites.

    Guaranteed if these movies are on TV, you will leave it on and “LYAO”. And quite possibly, even pick up on some hidden jokes you have missed the first hundred times you’ve watched it.

    Top 5 SNL Movie Spin-Offs

    #5.  Coneheads (1993)

    The original, Not-Ready-for-Prime-Time Players, Day Aykroyd and Jane Curtain reprise their roles as Beldar and Prymaat Conehead…20 years after the introduction of the Coneheads on SNL.  The story of aliens who come to Earth and attempt to assimilate into American culture was a bit hokey, but in the end, how do you not love the Coneheads?  Not to mention the largest roster of SNL talent of any film, including David Spade, Chris Farley, Julia Sweeney, Micheal McKean, and Phil Hartman. I frequently refer to my parents as parental units and men as pigs-an omnivorous domesticated cloven-hooved vertebrate that defecates in the same place it consumes.


    #4.  Night at the Roxbury (1998)

    Two pushy and creepy brothers – Will Ferrel and Chris Kattan – (aka, The Butabi’s) who bob their heads at nightclubs and try to get women to dance with them. Women are repulsed and literally run away.  The reason we love this one? The struggle is real.  Although the pick-up lines are corny, yet priceless, the big dreams and plot twists are endearing. Plus, any movie where Emilio Estevez is referenced and playboy Richard Grieco is the catalyst for bringing peace is okay by me.

    #3.  Superstar (1999)

    Molly Shannon’s Mary Katherine Gallagher auditions for the talent show at her Catholic high school. This movie is mean girls before Mean Girls. All the while trying to win the heart of the school hunk (played by SNL co-star Will Ferrell).  She’s awkward and does some really strange things with her arm pits.  But we love her. “Evian, Go drink a bottle of yourself!”

    #2. Wayne’s World (1992)

    Party on Wayne.  Party on Garth. I pretty much spend my days trying to find random ways to quote this movie in conversations. Best buds, Wayne & Garth must overcome the ruthless greed of corporate America in this classic coming of age tale of struggling twenty-somethings trying to launch their public cable access show while maintaining their integrity. Shwing.


    #1.  Blues Brothers (1980)

    The first and best SNL film of all time.  Jake and Elwood Blues (John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd) set Chicago on fire.  There’s adventure and of course some great music.  No other SNL Movie even comes close. This skit turned movie, turned real-life traveling act, leads the forefront in epic spin-offs.






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