Top 3 Lifestyle Choices For 2021

    healthy lifestyle choices

    Here are our top 3 lifestyle choices for moving forward in 2021, looking at everything from food to fashion to your future. 

    1. Grow Your Own

    There is a seed shortage in the UK this year from so many people growing their own food. From people looking for a hobby to people depending on this to survive in our current economic climate, the grow your own movement is still on a steep rise upwards.

    Growing food in any space possible is the 2021 trend. From walls in city apartments to tubs in trailer parks, people are planting all over the country. You don’t need lots of space to begin growing, especially if you plant herbs or cut and come again salad leaves in pots in your kitchen. If you have a garden, even better, but it is not necessary. Join a local community garden, where you will meet people and get to share the produce, though check for restricted openings and availability.

    If you have too much food you can also donate it to your local food bank. There are people who would appreciate some healthy, homegrown produce.

    2. Yellow

    Wear yellow, buy yellow, be yellow. The sunshine colour is trending in 2021. Bright big bags and hats are in. Yellow is said to be an optimistic, happy color. For dreamers and big thinkers. It can also be related to instability and eccentricity, which I think we can all agree, we relate to after this year. 

    Go online and furnish your home with yellow accents, like pillows, curtains or even radiators. This will make a bold statement and keep you happy when you look at them. There are some really great furnishings on the market at the moment in this bold, striking colour. Bring the sun indoors and push away those winter blues early this year, at the same time as warming up your home!

    3. Get Online and Get Vlogging

    Having an online presence is starting to be as important as having a phone number.

    Video blogging or vlogging is on the up. It is the new blog post. It is a great way to get creative, and you can do it all via your smartphone. It’s a great way of interacting with people online.

    Vlogging tutorials can be a lot of fun. Make your own. Show people your skills and how you go about doing what you do, from making a cake to hacks around your home. In all seriousness, even if you just met a cute cat on the way home, people want to know.

    Even if you don’t have a business currently, it is still a good idea to start a vlog. You will gain a following and have those people ready and waiting if you need them. Most work is set to move online in the future. Get ahead of the trend in 2021.

    Thanks for reading. We hope you enjoyed our lifestyle hints and tips for 2021.


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