Top 10 Beauty Tips for the Millennial Gal

    top 10 beauty tips

    Fall has arrived and your skin & hair are probably fried from all your summer fun. Who do we turn to for solid beauty advice to carry us clear through the next season and beyond? Lauren & Vanessa (from their namesake salon Lauren+Vanessa) sat with us and shared ten must-have tips to get your routine back on track…keeping you on top of your gorgeous game.

    Lauren+Vanessa offer top beauty tips
    LAUREN+VANESSA provide personalized luxury hair and makeup services


    1. SPF: SPF is number one. No matter if your 18 or 34, SPF is your best friend. If you start young you will look great when your older. We love EltaMD UV Daily Broad-Spectrum SPF 40.
    2. No drug store shampoo or conditioner: Drug store shampoo’s are filled with many unnecessary chemicals that can dry out your hair and fade your color. Always follow your cut and color with professional products. This will help keep your hair healthy and your hair color vibrant. We love Oribe’s shampoos and conditioners because the line has something for everyone.
    3. 18-25 is when you can play: Trends are not for everyone but when your young you have the freedom to experiment so have fun and be daring!
    4. Less is more age 27-35: Again, trends are not for everyone. Find a beauty routine that works for you. As we always say- Think timeless.
    5. Facials and masks: Make sure to visit your esthetician every 4-6 weeks. In between appointments do a mask at home.
    6. Take your makeup off before bed EVERY night: No ifs, and’s or buts!
    7. Under eye cream is a MUST: Our favorite is Caudalie Anti-wrinkle eye & lip cream. To look forever young, use both day and night.
    8. Diet: Youthful hair and skin starts within. What we put in our body shows in our skin and hair. “Eat Pretty” by Jolene Hart is a great book to help guide you in the direction of beauty inside and out.
    9. Vitamins: Vitamins help fight free radicals, especially Vitamin C! Vitamin C helps maintain collagen, promote nail growth and keep your hair strong. Always consult with your doctor first.
    10. Moisturize: Moisturize your body every single day and night. Our favorite is The body creme by La Mer.


    Lauren E. Hack is a gifted colorist specializing in the chic artistry of Balayage hair painting. She has over 15 years experience working in the city’s most prominent luxury salons as a senior colorist and instructor. Her approach begins with an in-depth consultation to discover who her client is – not just the look she desires. Lauren then determines how to outwardly express her client’s lifestyle, fashion inspiration, and beauty icons. She is best known for creating vibrant blonde looks and performing corrective color, emphasizing the natural beauty of celebrities, models, fashion editors, and all women aspiring to look their best.

    Brooklyn born and raised, Vanessa Ungaro’s experience assisting world-renowned artists provided an invaluable education in styling fashion models and celebrities for the runway and red carpet. Today, Vanessa is known as a hair industry leader who specializes in precision dry hair cutting, blow dry styling, long-lasting makeup applications and bridal beauty. Her calming and professional demeanor make her clients feel pampered, relaxed, and comfortable about taking risks while acquiring a style that is easy to maintain. Vanessa has a passion for educating women on their best beauty regimens and making them feel beautiful.

    LAUREN+VANESSA provide personalized luxury hair and makeup services, satisfying your most glamorous aspirations. Masters of unique techniques and top quality products, LAUREN+VANESSA make a new person out of each client, transforming their inner beauty to outward radiance. Their work has appeared in Vogue, In Style Magazine, Glamour, Sports Illustrated, Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmo Girl, Good Housekeeping, and has been seen on HBO, Cinemax, The View, Jerseylicious, and The Tyra Banks Show, to highlight a few. They’re passionate about enhancing your natural beauty and inherent grace.

    Their full service salon offers top-of-the-line hair color, cut, style and makeup application and lessons. You can even shop for the most drool-worthy lip products from their namesake makeup line.

    80 Nassau Street, 2A
    New York, NY 10038
    [email protected]
    p: 646-673-4483


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