Tips to Make A Fake ID


    Sometimes you may be tempted to make a fake ID of something. No doubt, this is wrong but you may be forced due to some reason. You should not make one for fraudulent and illegal aims. Below are some tips to make a fake ID.

    Supplies required

    The following are needed:

    • ID or old card that you want to upgrade
    • Some software like Photoshop
    • A good scanner
    • A good quality printer
    • A laminator
    • Teslin paper
    • Butterfly laminate pouches
    • Ruler
    • Scalpel, scissors
    • Sandpaper

    Make a template

    Create a template of the old card. If it has a hologram, it will not be able to be used later so that you can get an appropriate scan. The template has to be of high quality as this is what will influence how the card will be. 

    Get the old card and clean it to remove any debris. If it has any hologram, it will need to go. 

    Remove the hologram

    If you want to remove it get a hair straightener or other hot surface. Heat this and gently begin putting it on the edge of the card. Do not put the card for much time on the iron. Do it fast, moving it away from the side of the card. Do this by pressing it on as well as off really quickly. The card will not melt in this way. 

    Put the iron on the card until it is possible to lift the upper laminate layer. Some text or photos may be removed. It is no issue if any background pattern gets removed as it can be fixed in Photoshop. 

    Scan your card

    Put the hologram-free card within the scanner. Put the quality to the top. Scan it and see what comes out. Some text may not be present.

    Use photoshop

    Here you will get rid of the remaining text and remove any imperfections. Open the scan within photoshop. Change accordingly. Choose the option of Clone Stamp tool then Alt-click present in the place around the text which you wish to replace. The brush size will have to be adjusted to fit the place that you are functioning on. 

    Work carefully and slowly. Remember that the place that you alt-click possesses a similar color or texture like the background by the text. Click on the adjacent area of your text so you can replace it. Fix everything here that needs to be done. 


    When the template has been made perfectly you can then print it. The Teslin paper must be compatible with the printer. 


    Here you will laminate the card. Teslin gets employed because at the time you laminate it, it fixes better to pouches. Your card will not break. 

    It is quite tough to make a fake ID card. You can get the help of a professional like best fake ID topfakeid. When making one of these you need to be careful to do it properly as a small mistake can make you get caught.


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