5 Easy Ways For Everybody To Improve Their Psychic Abilities

    Often we find ourselves trying to navigate the paths of friendships, relationships, and careers. Our intuition and impulse help in figuring a way through these. You may have heard famous psychics talk about tapping into your intuitive powers to reach into an alternate realm. Is this true? Can you turn up your intuitiveness and develop your psychic abilities without an ouija board? 

    Let us find out through these five different ways. 

    1. Increase Your Intuitiveness 

    An interesting way of developing a long-lasting relationship with your intuition is to make it a habit. The more you work on being aware of your emotions, the better intuition you will have. How to do this? Well, imagine talking to a loved one after a hard day’s work. It always fills you up with joy, and hence a color like Red or Pink is probably an accurate representation of the feeling. 

    Similarly, getting stuck in traffic because of heavy rains is a frustrating experience that you could associate with the color – Yellow. Every time you attach colors with a certain energy, you create nonverbal communication with yourself. This way, colors become synonymous with your feelings as you witness and live through more events and realities.

    2. Access Your Subconscious 

    Tapping into your psychic abilities will require some innovative effort on your part. This is best possible through your subconscious. While we limit and restrict ourselves to what we know, our dreams tell a different story. We are freer when we are traveling and exploring in an alternate universe. 

    By allowing ourselves to tap into a subconscious portal, we can experience the fluidity that exists between different worlds. One way to do this is to note down your observations from memory. A daily practice of this will allow you to get more acquainted and comfortable in accessing the psychic realm. 

    3. Don’t Forget To – Observe 

    This kind of psychic exploration will expose you to several sights, sounds, and feelings if done correctly. It is possible indoors and outdoors. You can do this regularly in familiar environments like your office, a nearby garden, restaurant, the subway, or even your compound. 

    Once you pick up on energies, you will be able to relate and extrapolate. Increasing your awareness will also help you understand how certain energies are making you feel and predict what a place looks like from memory. So, who is ready for an out of body experience?

    4. Read Other People’s Energies

    Remember the last time you met someone new and liked their psychic energy? Well, that could have been your psychic intuition too. Some people can do it naturally but others can develop it, too. 

    One easy way to do this is by meeting new people and interpreting their energy. You can do this in everyday situations like on the subway to work or in a queue while buying a product. Observing your thoughts and how they reflect while in the presence of the individual can teach you plenty. Once you pick up on some interesting pieces of thought, you can see where your intuition leads you. 

    5. Psychic Mentors – Spirit Guides 

    Spirit guides are like genies who don’t come out of a lamp but may offer necessary skill and wisdom. The guides could protect you, lead you towards achieving a certain goal, or even heal you. 

    You will have to settle in a spiritual scene and request for some sort of guidance according to what it is that you need. Think of it as asking for a sign. It could be visual or even something very subtle that arrives as a knowing. By putting this out in the universe, you open your heart to endless possibilities. 


    There you go, connecting with the world beyond is not as wild as you thought it would be. Like most skills, psychic intuition can be developed over time. With an open mind, it is possible to be stronger and more aware.

    Hope this article helped. Consult any famous psychic online to clear your doubts!


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