Tips To Establish A Successful Career In The Music Industry

    Starting off in the music industry can be quite a daunting task. . There are many musicians who are struggling to find a career in music. These individuals battle for publicity and paid gigs. Getting paid as a musician is the most difficult task because there is a lot of raw talent in comparison to the people and opportunities that want to hire them. The entire process can be a struggle especially when you are unable to find a loophole that would get you on stage for your first ever concert. 

    With that being said, one thing is completely certain that people need to work extremely hard in order to provide for themselves by establishing a career in this industry. So, don’t sit around fooling yourself and waiting for an opportunity. If you are looking for a career in music, it’s about time that you start learning it professionally. Having virtual music lessons can help you alleviate your current standards. Fortunately, there are virtual music lessons available for people who are bound with other commitments or financial issues associated with traveling far.

    Steps to build a successful music career

    In this article, we will talk about some of the most common factors that will help you build a foundation in music. Buckle up so we can begin.

    Go out and establish yourself in person

    You cannot simply sit and wait for gigs. Unless a recruitment agency or music industry manager sees what you have to offer, they will not consider you. You obviously have to go out and make a mark among these people.

    Now you might wonder that there is a huge possibility that you might get rejected. Well, many millionaires have been rejected in their life. There is nothing wrong if you hear a no. The main thing about the music industry that many people fail to realize is that unless you ask for an opportunity to showcase what you have to offer, these people will not come running around looking to hire you.

    Start building your network by talking to your local music booking agency or someone who reviews music online or in your local paper. Starting off by impressing the locals is a good way to reach the international audience directly.

    Establish your online presence

    One thing about the music industry is obvious that you cannot establish an Adam Levine like a career with just an online presence but, there is a strong possibility that having a strong digital marketing presence can help you get in touch with some big names.

    How many times have you seen blog pages and talented people on social media who are really mind-blowing with millions of followers and the potential to become one of those Hollywood celebrities? Tons of times! Well, the only reason behind their success is that they have been able to utilize digital media in their favor and establish a strong online fan base. In the modern world, when people like something, they will support it until the end of time. Be online and post about your music and people will come around with proper social media management.

    Your main aim is to join the music community instead of just having a fan following on your pages. It is important that you build yourself strong enough so that music recruiters can notice and approach you. You can also approach them on their social and somehow try to build a connection with them.

    Create something that your potential target audience is going to love

    It doesn’t matter if you are looking forward to giving online piano music lessons or compete for the next American idol. If you really want to establish yourself as a good musician, it is extremely important that you create something that your target audience can cherish and enjoy at the same time.

    All you have to do is to find the right genre and blend it with something that people of that age and you yourself would enjoy. Personal enjoyment is as much important as entertaining the audience. It is important that you perform detailed market research and understand the following things about your audience:

    • Location of the target audience
    • Age of target audience
    • Type of music that targets audience likes
    • present demand of your target audience
    • Channels from where your audience buys music

    Once you understand the importance of catering to the requirements of your target audience, there is nothing that can stop you from becoming successful.

    Stick to your commitments

    Being in music in any way is a business. You need to start taking it professionally and set terms and conditions for your success and work. These parameters will help you identify your goals and become much more successful and settled.

    You need to understand that there are a few things that will help you stay firm on the ground of rules. These are mentioned below:

    • Always get your client to sign a contract with you. These contracts can help you protect your lawful right and also establish a two-way agreement that can help you stick to your cause. If you are unable to understand the contractual language, it is okay to seek some professional advice. Just remember that you have an equal right to say no if you don’t agree with some things.
    • Stick to the scheduled appointments and keep everything professional. Many people in the music industry tend to behave unprofessionally. Don’t get yourself in a scenario that might get you in trouble. When you will take your professional school-based or virtual music lessons, they will teach you all about professional ethics.
    • Think before spending huge amounts on things that seem to be unnecessary in the longer run. For example, if you intend to take online piano music lessons and become a pianist, buying a huge and expensive drum set can be an unwanted expense.
    • Don’t hesitate to take a job along the way. Music should be your part-time thing until you start establishing your career. Therefore; make sure that you have a source of side income until you are settled in the industry.

    Be prepared for the struggle

    Establishing a career in music is a struggle. You need to earn your way to the top. This is an ongoing struggle for a lifetime and you need to be competitive enough to outrun your competitors. Don’t leave your other job or studies if you are still struggling.

    Start growing a network first and once you feel that your monthly income from music is two times more than your day job, make it your full-time career choice. However, make sure that you still keep on approaching new potential agents and for more opportunities.


    Many people have spent years in practice and struggle just to make a respectable name in the industry. Don’t wait for a miracle to happen to you. The music industry is highly competitive and people who are in it can be exposed to some tough time.

    However, if you have your priorities straight and are willing to work extremely hard, there is a huge possibility that your career will take off. Just build your network online and also go and meet people who can help you score a contract. It’s all about your determination and the will to work.


    • Joselin Estevez

      Social Media Director

      Social Media Director at X Factor Media

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