Tips Of Taking Care Of Your Swimming Pool

    We associate summer months with fun-filled pool parties where we can just sit back and beat the heat in style! Arranging these parties are easy, but cleaning up the venue is definitely a tough affair. But worry not, as today we are going to share some expert tips for keeping the pool neat and tidy.

    • Properly functioning pool circulation can safeguard you from issues pertaining to pool algae infestation as well as cloudy water. But this is possible if the pool pump and filter system runs on a daily basis. Ideally, you should run your pool pump for 7 days a week and for 24 hours a day. But if you have a budget constraint, then you need to keep the filter running at least for 12 hours daily.
    • You can toss a tennis ball in your skimmer basket. Alternatively, it can be tossed directly into the pool. The best thing about tennis balls is that they tend to absorb the surface oil which is left behind by cosmetics, suntan lotions and similar beauty products. 
    • Before you dive deep into the topic of swimming pool maintenance, you need to broaden your knowledge about terms such as alkalinity and pH levels. Next you will have to understand about calcium hardness, chlorine level and cyanuric acid levels. You can easily purchase testing strips for keeping tab on all of the above.
    • Your swimming pool filter needs to be kept clean at all times. This can be done manually using cleaners, brushes and debris catching devices. 
    • Shocking your pool is the best means of keeping the water clean. This in turn can keep you buffered from all chances of succumbing to eye irritation and infection. You can take your pick amongst either basic shock products or multifunctional shock products. 
    • We often dab on beauty products before splashing in the pool. The main reason behind this is our concern for skin and hair. But this also leads to a large amount of deodorant, shampoo and hair product accumulation in the pools. Mother nature might also play spoilsport by strewing leaves and mould all over the area. In such a scenario, you need to bank on cleaning tools for vacuuming, brushing and skimming the swimming pool on a weekly basis. 
    • Covering up the pool can help you in its maintenance drill. Fallen twigs and leaves also need to be scooped off the cover whenever required. Doing otherwise can cause the swimming pool cover to become weak over due course. 
    • Our hectic work schedule hardly leaves us with adequate time to spare for full maintenance. But this should not be an issue in the modern era of rapid technological developments. You can purchase a robotic pool cleaner after going through the comparison of robotic pool cleaners for making the best choice. 


    Don’t want to engage in heavy-duty chores while cleaning your swimming pool? Then opt for regular maintenance after understanding the basics of swimming pool cleaning. Happy swimming to you. 


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