Tips For Married Couples To Keep The Heat In Their Sex Lives

    woman in lingerie sitting in a man's lap

    There are many ways or tricks that married couples can do to rejuvenate their sex life. You do not have to buy extravagant sex toys to light-up your sex life. Just the easy tips below to blow your partner’s mind in bed.

    1. Text Foreplay (Sending Raunchy Texts)

    Today, sexting is excellent foreplay, for what will follow later. The best thing about sexting is that it gives a person the power to say anything without the fear of awkward silence or shame. You can be adventurous.

    Rather than sending a regular text like “I can’t wait to get home so that I can get you naked,” ‘sext’ with something genuinely raunchy. In other words, send a sexy text that burns your lips when writing.

    Explain in precise details what you wish your partner will do to you later that night. Do not be afraid. In a perfect world, you are in your marriage until death does you apart.

    2. Waiting for Your Partner While Naked

    The moment your partner walks in the door, be waiting for her/him naked. Remember, after a long day at the office, your partner coming to you is the stuff that should make their day. Even if you both decide to skip sex, get him naked and massage your partner until he/she has relaxed.

    3. Dragging Out Foreplay

    A majority of the time, couples are so busy to a point where it has become easy to jump the build-up and to go directly into it. Even though sex is essential in facilitating a close bond, this does not mean that you cannot enjoy yourself. As such, it is vital to set aside some time for prolonged passionate sex a few times a month.

    You can dedicate it to either Saturday or Sunday, because weekdays you may be busy. Set aside at least 30 minutes for foreplay. You can achieve this by starting with a sexy massage, exploring each other’s bodies. Through this technique, you will get an opportunity to connect deeply on an emotional level, which will increase the passion and orgasm as well.

    4. No-Strings Oral

    The truth is that many couples give head expecting head also in return. Do not feel bad if you are one of them because it is natural to desire reciprocation. However, rather than giving oral and expecting it in return, this time offer it without wanting to get it. This technique takes the pressure off your partner, which allows them to lie down and enjoy the experience fully. There is nothing attractive and enjoyable, like seeing your partner showing interest in pleasuring you without expecting anything.

    5. Sex Toys

    Sex toys do help enhance pleasure. However, we are not talking of anal beads or huge dildos (unless you are into it). Keep in mind that a finger vibrator will do. These toys are not scary, and they add fun to the already enjoyable sex life. This toy is excellent for both perineum love and clitoral stimulation.

    6. Sexy Fantasy

    This is a tip that you must take mental notes of whatever your partner mentions about their fantasy. Is your partner’s fantasy playing a handyman coming to fix your pipes, or a doctor looking to save your life? Does she want to play a police officer?

    Well, there is no limit to fantasy. You do not have to go to a costume store to buy a full outfit. You can make a costume from things or items close to you. Remember, half of any fantasy is imagination. Know that doing this will not only turn on your partner but make them feel appreciated.

    7. Friendly Spanking

    Friendly spanking is a way of dipping your toes into the action without actually taking the full plunge. However, it is wise to ensure your partner loves spanking before doing it. People are different; others do love it, while other don’t. If you surprise your partner during sex, things may get weird.

    Therefore, if your partner likes spanking, then go for it. Spanking sends shockwaves through the whole sexual encounter. It is important to start light and build up to more aggressive strokes.

    8. Using A Makeshift Blindfold

    Just like spanking, you should try blindfolds. You can take advantage of a sleeping mask or tee shirt. It is important to note that light bondage hardly freaks anyone.

    To enhance the blindfold experience, your partner should lie down and then cover their eyes. After this, take time to explore their body. Visual deprivation may be a massive turn on and may heighten their senses.

    9. Praising Your Partner

    There is nothing that turns on people like praises. Tell your partner how sexy they look. You can add a few light dirty talks if your partner is not comfortable with such communications. For example, you can say, “Wow! You look sexy; You turn me on.” You do not have to talk about your partner’s wet or hard body parts.

    Sex is a position that makes people feel exposed because they are naked. As much as you want the other person to feel good, you also want to feel good about yourself.


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