Tips and tricks to help you get started with Escape from Tarkov

    According to those who have done some research, Escape from Tarkov is one of the most ambitious and difficult-to-play games available. It is complicated, in-depth, and for the beginners it may be a complete headache – but if you master it, it’s immensely rewarding.


    Because this game is based on military realism, it is not suitable for casual gamers. However, in recent months, the game’s popularity has gradually increased, and its reputation has only grown. The game now has a loyal following of players who are actively participating in the game and exploring new ways to live.


    The entire game revolves around a battle between two private armed corporations in the Norvinsk region. The game also boasts stunning graphics, intricate maps, and intriguing features. Prepare to play a hardcore first-person shooter game in which you must survive a fight if you’re a beginner. Using Tarkov cheats is a terrific way to get new items unlocked fast and access all of the game’s hidden menus. You can also simply kill foes by turning them into cyberspace entities.


    These tips will come in handy when you’re just starting out on your excursions in and around Norvinsk, the setting for ‘EFT.’

    More scav runs are recommended


    You can save all of your money without risking anything by playing scav runs. When you enter, your money will be safe, but your stuff will not. So be smart and pick your price before entering, as you could lose it all.


    Most people only bring a pistol and some medications since it boosts their chances of killing someone who has good gear. Scav runs are a safe bet because you lose nothing when you enter. You get more out of it because there are residences and a variety of other items to loot for which you do not have to fight.

    Stick to one map

    It can take a long time to learn all of the eft maps. As a result, sticking to one map and learning it is preferable. Once you’ve mastered it, you’ll be aware of every looting site, stash spot, and hiding spot in the game, which will improve your game mechanics automatically.


    Playing on multiple maps is the worst mistake you can make in this game. When you enter, you will have no knowledge of the new map, while those who have mastered the map will annihilate you.

    Don’t forget about your missions

    Escape from Tarkov is unlike many other multiplayer shooting games on the market since it has many tasks that, once finished, unlock new equipment and traders. To advance in the game and improve your relationship with the traders, it is important that you complete your missions so you can buy high-level goods.

    Discover where your extracts are stored

    You will be greeted with a beautiful and brutal world when you explore the wilds in Escape from Tarkov, and you will need to know everything to live. Especially your extracts, because if you don’t have them, you might not be able to purchase better gear.


    When you depart the map before the raid’s timer finishes, this is known as extraction. You’ll need to travel to an area where you can be rescued. If you don’t, you won’t be able to keep your award.


    So take your time and look through everything, especially your extracts, because this will help you play the game better and you’ll be able to put all you’ve learned to good use.

    Recognize various ammo types

    Ammos plays a big role in Tarkov’s escape. Ammos let you upgrade your weapons to a higher level. Not all types of ammunition, however, are compatible with all firearms. Different firearms use ammo in a number of ways.


    You must choose which ammo is best for your weapon and use it to gain the best results. This way, you’ll have a cool arsenal to combat the fiercest opponents.

    Utilize offline raids

    Everything in Tarkov revolves around ‘raids,’ which entail going into a map, looting to your heart’s delight, performing quests and chores, and escaping alive. If you die during the raid, you will lose everything you have a) brought in with you and b) picked up while scavenging.


    Another great idea is to insure whatever you bring in, assuming you have the funds to do so. When you insure something, you can get it back in 24 to 36 real-time hours, so failure in-game is less of a blow.

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