5 Signs That You’re in Great Shape, Even if You’re Overweight

    Although the body mass index was invented at the beginning of the century before last, it’s still used to assess human health. But doctors warn: even if your personal index is higher than recommended, it doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with your health. Here are signs that being overweight is in no way interfering with your health and activity.

    What Is a Healthy BMI

    Body Mass Index is a measure that determines the amount of fat tissue in a person’s body. It’s as simple as gambling at https://bizzocasino.com/: the weight in kilograms divided by the square of the height in meters. The formula was derived in the early XIX century and is still actively used in medicine, and in nutrition and sports. A corridor of 25-29 is safe for men, but in practice, of course, everything is very individual. Body mass index does not take into account important factors such as age, genetics, lifestyle, amount of muscle mass, and others. So even if your BMI is higher than recommended, it’s worth paying attention to other signs that may indicate health problems.


    A slim waist and a trim stomach aren’t only beautiful, they’re healthy. And if your volume is less than 102 centimeters, your personal risk of diabetes and heart disease is lower – even if your BMI is high. Several studies have been published in recent years that have confirmed: waist circumference can be an important marker of health and quite accurately reflect the risk of chronic diseases that affect life expectancy, most notably diabetes and heart attack.

    Body Image

    If there is excess weight, it must be stored somewhere – and where it is “stored” is critical to health. If most of the extra fat is distributed in the buttocks and thighs, your health is practically safe. But if it’s stored around your waist, you’re in trouble: a little visceral fat can make it hard for your internal organs, especially your heart and liver, to function and be not only healthy but deadly.

    Muscle Strength

    Body mass index cannot distinguish the weight of fat tissue from the weight of muscle tissue. Meanwhile, muscle is known to be heavier than fat, and if you are actively engaged in strength training, your BMI may well be higher than normal.

    You Don’t Have a Problem With Your Major Metabolic Indicators

    The most important metabolic indicators to watch closely are cholesterol levels, blood sugar (we wrote about the hidden signs of high blood sugar here), resting heart rate, and blood pressure. If all these indicators are normal, there is no need to worry about an elevated BMI. But it’s good to remember that being too overweight can be dangerous for your joints – even if all your other indicators are excellent.

    You Have a High Level of Activity

    As a 2007 study of older adults with type 2 diabetes found, the surest marker of our longevity is our level of physical activity and fitness. If you’re in great physical shape, if you can run up the stairs to the top floor without gasping, if your handshake is strong and your gait is brisk, you probably have nothing to worry about.

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