Three Types of Stove Chimneys

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    A kitchen chimney is more important than you think. The following chimney types facilitate cooking over the stove in their unique manner. Some are more expensive than others, but they perform the same function. 

    The Cassette Filter 

    The mesh filter comes with numerous layers of tiny holes stacked above each other to filter smoke and dust particles emitted by the stove underneath. These layers filled with numerous holes are made from stainless steel, which may make them expensive. If you wish to go for a cheaper alternative, consider purchasing the mesh filter made out of aluminum. 

    The aluminum mesh filter, which is also called the cassette filter, is very lightweight. On the other hand, the stainless steel filter is extremely difficult to lift because of its heaviness. However, the stainless mesh filter does not require regular cleaning compared to the aluminum filter type.


    • The filter provides an advanced filtration feature that processes smoke and dirt particles.
    • The size is suitable for every kitchen.
    • The filter makes it easy for you to clean the kitchen with practically no grease residue.

    The Baffle Filter

    The following form of filter in chimneys is known as Baffle Filters. The filtering component is made of aluminum with a steel coating. The aluminum provides a lightweight attribute, while the steel outer layer is durable. Another neat feature is that the baffle filter filters the air in massive amounts emitted by oil and grease cooking.

    It is perfect for kitchens that incorporate heavy spices and oil into their cuisine. Moreover, there is no daily cleaning requirement. You can clean the filter once every six months, while changing the filter is required once every five years. The filter is highly durable with a long-lasting service feature.


    • The filter is very easy to clean and durable.
    • The baffle filter regulates the air supply in the kitchen.
    • The powerful motor sucks out every contaminant.

    The Carbon Filter

    The final form of filter is considered an extension to baffle and cassette filters. It is called the carbon filter. Some may call it the carbon filter. It eliminates uncomfortable smells that may arise from processing oil coming from the stove underneath. These particles are made of charcoal and require proper treatment, or they begin harming the oxygen levels present in the kitchen.

    The charcoal filter uses its powerful absorption feature, which will give you extra since this is an extension. You would also have to pay additional installation charges to install it in the kitchen. The filter requires changes every 6 months.


    • The charcoal filter saves time with its absorption power.
    • The charcoal filter reduces the burden on the primary filter.
    • The additional filter increases the hygienic level with cleaner air.
    • This form of filter is exceptionally durable. 


    A competent filter can make your cooking a lot easier. You can see stove installations guides that propose chimney installation as it reduces the humidity and improves the air quality so you can focus on creating a delicious meal. Happy Cooking!


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