Thoughtful Yet Statement-Worthy Jewelry Pieces for Women Born to Stand Out

    In a way, blending in is overrated. We all are using products that look and feel the same. Our phones, our outfits, our accessories – everything has just become a repetition of repetition. It is just fair to say that we all feel safer looking like someone else than making our own individualistic choices. 

    Our jewelry collection, for example, should have the most individualistic pieces than it does. After all, It helps us complete our looks and eventually defines our overall persona. We go by trends and tend to buy similar-looking pieces like everyone else. “Conformity is only a real fashion crime” – Simon Doonan has said those golden words for some reason. Also, standing out doesn’t necessarily mean going all gimmicky. You can just go for thoughtful yet elegant pieces. Jewelry pieces that flaunt who you are and celebrate your uniqueness. 

    It is 2021, and we should understand that we are all different individuals. One size doesn’t fit all. Rather than confining ourselves to a box and repeating the same, we should go for pieces that showcase our personality. In the words of Anna Wintour, “Why fit in when you were born to stand out.” Here are a handful of jewelry pieces that would definitely help.

    1. Shungite Earrings

    Shungite earrings are the perfect statement earrings for women who were born to NOT play by the rules. Since ancient times, gemstones have been treated as talismanic adornments for their inherent divine powers that span old legends, cultures and are believed to be Godlike. Shungite is formed out of 98% carbon and contains a substance called Fullerenes, giving it the power to detox and purify the body. It’s known to possess potent antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effects on the body, protect it from harmful EMFs and balance the body’s chakras. Women who wish to take control of their life can benefit from Shungite’s positive abilities to energize the mind and produce overall protection against harmful spirits.

    2. Tanzanite Necklace

    If a bold, royal style is what you’re looking for, then Tanzanite jewelry is perfect for you. It may be a new entry compared to other precious jewels, but it instantly drew a wide audience once Tiffany launched it after coining its name. The necklace is poised with intense shades of blue-purplish tones with a mix of deep red that gives it a unique and exotic luster. The stone, primarily composed of the mineral zoisite, features various shapes and the most common centerpieces are cushion and oval cuts. Just like women are a combination of multiple powerful traits, the trichroic nature of Tanzanite makes it a sensational gem amongst others. Women can wear the necklace as a symbol of beauty, purity, and honor. 

    3. Personalized Rings

    For women who don’t mind keeping themselves before others, here’s a complimentary jewelry number for you. Engravings on jewelry were initially done to enhance the existing beauty and introduce meaning to the piece, which could be cherished forever. Women can consider stacking two to three rings for a statement-making outfit. The personalized rings can also be embedded with colored gemstones like emeralds, aquamarines, or topaz for a timeless yet modern look for special occasions. To produce a statement piece for work, you can team your power suit with a cluster of rings and punctuate the look with other diamond jewelry.

    4. Tennis Bracelets

    A tennis bracelet is a functional jewelry piece that magnifies the brilliance and everlasting beauty of diamonds. For women that dictate their own rules, celebrate each win and loss, it’s a significant mark of crossing life’s milestones with vigor and style. In 1987, at the U.S. Open, if it hadn’t been for the 18-time Grand Slam Championship winner and tennis star player Chris Evert to lose her diamond bracelet between a match, the name wouldn’t be coined after all. Ever since then, the eternity band infamously became known as the tennis bracelet. Women with an active lifestyle can consider this lightweight and flexible diamond bracelet in a platinum finish as a perfect choice.

    5. Jade Pendant

    While in other countries, wealthy members adorned themselves in precious jewels as a status symbol, emperors wore the stone for its spiritual and health benefits in China. The stone was appreciated for its lustrous shine, translucent texture, soft green tone, and brittle nature. Unlike other precious stones, Jadeite comprises various silicate minerals and comes in a wide range of colors. Unlike the different Jade varieties, this particular stone is harder and denser, making it a favorable choice for artisans to create intricate jewelry designs. Jade jewelry is popular for its versatile appeal, medicinal and healing properties, giving it unique characteristics compared to other precious stones and metals. There’s a Chinese proverb that states, “Gold has a price; Jade is priceless.”


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