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    A rarely heard name – Idaho, is situated in the United States of America. This is a small state but is very famous amongst the tourists and visitors (both from America and its nearby states as well other foreign tourists too). This is a small state that is in the North West of the U.S. It is not densely populated but is famous amongst the tourists and you can call it as one of the best tourist attractions in America.

    There are innumerable reasons to call this small state a famous one amongst the tourists. Idaho is well known for its mountains and vast landscapes. You will find here more cultivation and vegetation as this is spread over large hectares of land. Those large and vast swaths and dense and protected wilderness is second to none. Not known to many, Idaho’s capital is Boise. The name so kept as it is dissected by river Boise and is situated on the foothills of the Rocky Mountain.

    When you’re planning your holiday or a long weekend with your friends or family, America comes to you mind. Next you plan your days and figure out the place where you have to be. I personally feel that you should also try to visit these states which are not much heard of. These less density states have lots to offer to you, always. When planning for your stay, look for some exotic  vacation rentals in Idaho. You can also browse for some cool and exciting places to visit. Sit down with a pen and a paper and start jotting down those cool things that you wish to do or those things that will make you happy.

    While you are on your trip, you wish to so all those things that you might have not done ever before or you won’t be able to do after you’re back. Those fun filled moments at a beautiful city will be cherished by you and all others. Unusual attractions with those mesmerizing scenes are worth the watch.

    Here is a list of things that you should do when you’re in Idaho –

    1. Craters of the Moon –

    this is a huge and a vast preserve that is located in the middle of the “snake river”, is preserved and protected from ages. This area is still protected because there are area’s where innumerable volcanic features are present.  This represents one of the best preserved flood basalt areas in the continental United States. At an average elevation of nearly 6,000 feet, Craters of the Moon encompasses three major lava fields and nearly 400 square miles of steppe grasslands. This area is rough and dry and the heat of the lava heats up the temperature outside. Thus the visitors are advised to come protected.

    2. The Snake River

    this river is again the same river that has been mentioned above. The Snake River is so called because the river forms as thin as a snake. This river is surrounded by as many as four lava and volcanic fields. Tourists flock around this place to see the preserved “craters of moon” and at the same this Snake River that protects the same. There is a very rare sight of plants to be seen growing under this area.

    3. Idaho Potato Museum

    weird just as its name, have you ever heard of a “potato museum”? if not, then you must come to this place when you’re in Idaho. This museum contains about the history of potatoes, its cultivation, its uses and much more. You will be surprised to learn about many types of potato vegetation and its cultivation since ancient ages. It also features a giant potato sculpture and also serves as the home of the world’s largest potato chip which a 25-inches long Pringle is dating from 1991. So now you know that from when these Pringles wafers did came into existence and from where?

    3. Ernest Hemingway’s grave

    despite his long and leading life legacy in Spain, and despite his larger than life works in Cuba, the writer’s grave is tucked in Idaho’s cemetery. His grave is the only grave in this cemetery which is a flat and a plain grave without any adorning.

    4. The Dog bark park –

    a thirty feet tall is the world’s biggest dog statue in Idaho. So when you have some here and have not visited the world’s biggest beagle, you’re not done with it. This park not only has the biggest beagle but the park’s owner – a husband and wife duo has also constructed a room and kitchen set for the visitors to book this park for a day/night to enjoy their stay/picnic. The park is surrounded by other sculptures of animals such as bears, fish, and moose crafted by Sullivan and Conklin, Dog Bark Park is also a roadside attraction for those not looking to spend the night. Visitors can arrange group tours or visit the dog-inspired gift shop and artists’ studio.

    5. Idaho the city –

    this is largely and widely known as a former Gold rush place which has managed to survive its existence and business for more than hundred years. During the 1860’s, Idaho was the West’s largest Gold mining city. And had a meager population of only 7000 residents. Visitors can stroll along the planked boardwalks that formerly rang beneath the boots of rough-and-tumble miners or walk by the “Merc,” where it once cost a pinch of gold to buy an apple. 

    What are you waiting for? Plan your trip, book your tickets and take a vacation to Idaho now! For more travel experiences, feel free to head to my Travel Blog at


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