Top 10 beautiful places to visit in Corfu, Greece:

    Corfu is a perfect place to enjoy for all kind of backpackers. There is no end to the beautiful sandy beaches, rocking parties, and traditional Greek food and wine parties in Corfu.

    Corfu always stands as the most popular tourist destination in Greece. As said, this fantastic place is composed of the stunning mountains, long sandy beaches, special night parties and luxurious Corfu villas where you can relax and enjoy the Corfu beauty.

    If you are new to the Corfu and wondering which places to visit in this beautiful mix of greek islands means, don’t worry I’ got you covered.

    You might already know that Greece is having a mix of little and bigger islands scattered across the beautiful Aegean and the Ionian Sea.

    Now its always a daunting task for a newbie to pick the best part to explore and find out the real beauty of Corfu. So, we want to take your struggle out by giving the 10 beautiful places to visit in Corfu island.

    Hopefully, these will help you to explore the real beauty of Corfu islands in your short trip to Corfu. So, let’s get into the post of “ten beautiful places you should visit to find the real beauty of Corfu.

    Top 10 Beautiful Places You Need To See In Corfu, Greece:

    Here are the best and beautiful places you need to see in your Corfu tour to explore the real beauty of Corfu Islands.

    1. Explore the Ancient town “Kassiopi”:



    If you love to visit ancient cities & towns? Or like to see the old buildings and living style? Then Kassiopi is the best place for you to visit in your Corfu tour.

    You can start your Corfu tour by exploring the small and quaint ancient town where you can spend some quality time exploring the Greek and Roman ruins.

    This unique town will have something that other islands and beaches don’t have. The best thing this Ancient town has is the history of the Romans. You can learn about the history of this islands and also watch the crossroads of both countries. Along with that, you can walk in the footsteps of the Ancient greats such as Emperor Nero and Cicero, etc.

    This is the best place to visit at the start of your tour. Explore the ancient history and then explore other areas.

    1. Have Some fun at Gorge “Agni Bay”:

    Gorge Agin bay is a located at the northeast coast of the Island Agni Bay. It is located 30 Km from the central city of the Corfu and 11km from the small ancient town Kassiopi. This is a gem of the place you should visit in Corfu islands.

    Gorge Agni bay is a historic fishing place which is having a shiny pebble, fishes and a few patches of sand. This a gorgeous place to explore the islands-sea life and pearls as well. You can enjoy fishing and have some fun at this lovely place.

    Most of the travelers love to relax at the seafront and enjoy the traditional wine. If you like eating seafood means you will love this place because this place is filled with mouthwatering seafood dishes.

    You can even dive into the water, or you can dip your legs in the water at the coastline and enjoy the warm water experience. If you are skilled enough to ride a boat and want to have some fun in the middle of the water means you can even do that in the particular Corfu islands.

    1. Experience the Dramatic Cape Drastis:

    Cape Drastis is one of the best places to experience the unique natural landscapes and tranquillity. It is the famous place in the Corfu island. No traveler who visits Corfu will never miss this incredible cape Drastis place. So, you shouldn’t miss this place on your tour of the Corfu islands.

    Although there are sometimes where you won’t get permission to visit cape drastis in that case you should be waiting at least for a couple of days to get permission to visit cape drastis. In general, Cape drastis is always open in the summer season whereas in another season you will find inconsistency in cape drastis access.

    This place is near the top of the road, and you will always find the gate while entering the location. If you are lucky enough, then you can simply drive straight by crossing all barriers. The road which takes to the Dramatic Cape drastis is little steep so you should be very careful while traveling.

    Once you have a glance at the location, you will be in a shock by seeing the sun hits the beautiful cliffs. While you are traveling to this spot make sure you packed enough water and some snacks as this place won’t have enough amenities.

    1. Feel & Explore the Old town Kerkyra (Corfu):

    No tour is complete without exploring the old Kerkyra town. Even though it is a small town, it has pretty much to offer for the travelers. You can explore the UNESCO world heritage and the Venetian houses which are still standing strong even after these many years.

    Wander around the statue of Georgios Theotokis and have a look at the old fortress, splilas, and other oldest creations. If you are feeling hungry while exploring the village? Means, head over to the Venetian wall to have a mouthwatering and yummy food.

    1. Visit 300-400 years old Churches:

    If you love to visit churches means you should attend the 300-400-year-old church which is filled with the old artifacts and beautiful paintings. Its always free to get into the church and it is the famous place for lots of travelers.

    It looks very simple, and that simplicity has made this church a beautiful place to visit in Corfu tour. There is around twenty church around this area which are covered by this main church.  Don’t miss this if you like to explore ancient churches.

    1. Hover over Vlacherna Monastery:

    Love to visit the most iconic places in Corfu island then you should be visiting Vlacherna Monastery. It is the most iconic sites in the Corfu island. The monastery has reached a small track over the water that’s why it is making more lovely for people who visits this place. This special Vlacherna monastery is opened throughout the year, and it welcomes all types of visitors.

    While visiting this place make sure to explore and keep your eyes on the mouse island which is just a few minutes out to the sea.

    1. Explore the busiest area of Corfu “Canal d’Amour:

    The Canal d’Amour is possibly the most active areas of the Corfu island. I am saying this because this place has lots of repeat visitors. This place has some unique appeal which you have to experience. You can even play some interesting water games over there.

    There is a strong religious belief over there, they believe that a couple who want to get married should swim through the channel and they will get married very soon. For that reason, this has been a special place for young couples. Although most of the travelers don’t believe these but its worth to give a try.

    1. Experience the sunset at the loggas beach:

    Do you love watching sunset scenes in beaches? Then you should experience the loggas beach sunset, this is considered as the best sunsets place of this island. Along with that, this is an excellent place to chill out and relax while watching the sunset. If you are touring Corfu with family means you shouldn’t miss the fun over there.

    To view this beautiful sunset, you can stay at the top of the cliff or you can either make way towards the beach. In some cases, you can even watch the sunset from the clifftop restaurants with a frappe. It is one of the best spots to explore the sunset at the loggas beach.

    1. Visit Porto Timoni:

    Want to visit only one spot on your visit to the Corfu means you should make sure you get to the Porto Timoni. This is the famous beach and the coastline on the Corfu islands.

    If you are coming to Corfu by car means you have to park that in the village and you should take 20 minutes to stroll down to the beach.

    The sandy beach is a fantastic and beautiful place to chill out with friends and family. You can even swim and snorkel in this Porto Timoni place.  You can also enjoy lobster dishes in the delicious restaurants in the beach.

    1. Palaiokastritsa:

    This is another fabulous place you have to visit in Corfu island. Palaiokastritsa is nestled in the northwest corner of the Corfu. It is a small village which is often referred to as the last spot of the Odysseus before returning to his home.

    If you are set to visit this place means, make sure to visit the monastery which goes all the way back to the history of 1200’s and also you can check out the main beach and have a sunbath at the coastline.

    These are the top 10 best and beautiful spots you have to visit in Corfu island. Make sure you visit these places during your trip to Corfu to spend a memorable vacation. If you have anything better to say than do let us know in the comment section.


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