Things to Consider Before Buying Jewelry as Gifts for Your Partner

    With the Yuletide season just a few weeks away, you may already be planning what presents to buy for your loved ones. For your significant other, though, it has to be extremely special. One of the most precious gifts you can give to someone is jewelry. Aside from its real worth, jewelry is timeless and has sentimental value. Your partner will be reminded of your generosity and thoughtfulness every time they wear it. Besides, it will be an ideal way to express how much you value your relationship.

    What You Should Consider When Buying Jewelry

    Gifting your partner a piece of jewelry is not something you do every day, and finding the right ring, bracelet, or necklace may be intimidating, especially if you’ve never done it before and you don’t know much about jewelry.

    Nevertheless, don’t let your confusion take away the joy of gift-giving. Having these points in mind will help make the selection process so much easier.

    • Quality

    Your partner deserves nothing less than quality jewelry. Before paying for a piece, make sure you know what metal is used. Fine jewelry can be made of gold, silver, platinum, and titanium. Less expensive ones may be crafted from another material and plated with a precious metal.  

    You may also want to familiarize yourself about karat weight, which is a measure of purity. The higher the karat, the purer the metal is. While pure metals may be expensive and valuable, they aren’t that suitable to be made into jewelry. For instance, 24-karat gold is too soft and would easily bend and lose its shape after many uses.

    Some jewelry features gems that make them more attractive. You can choose from red rubies, yellow topazes, green emeralds, blue sapphires, and many more. For a gemstone, look for the cut that best highlights its color and brilliance. Stones with high clarity and exhibit the least imperfections will naturally cost more.

    If you fancy something elegant for your partner, you can buy diamond jewelry. Similar to other gems, diamonds come in different cuts, weights, and clarity grades.

    • Budget

    Set a specific amount for your gift. If your pocket allows it, go for 14K or 18K jewelry. Silver is also a good alternative to gold. Don’t worry if you have a limited budget. Fine jewelry is more affordable than you think.

    You can buy gold hoop earrings or a chain necklace for less than a hundred dollars. For a more personalized touch, have a ring or pendant customized, like the items displayed on You can choose from various colors, designs, and jewelry types.

    • Style

    Never let your preferences distract you from choosing the right piece of jewelry. Remember, you’re buying it for your partner and not for yourself. Instead, take a hint from their personal style.

    A person’s fashion sense usually translates into jewelry as well. If your partner likes classic, clean outfits, subtle jewelry that can be worn on any occasion, like diamond stud earrings or cuffs, may be suitable. For the more fashion-forward, a statement necklace for her or a signet ring for him is ideal.

    For example, if you’re buying for your fiancé or girlfriend something to add to her jewelry collection, observe what pieces she frequently wears. A few questions you may ask are:

    • If she likes gold, what color are they? Yellow, white or rose?
    • What type of pieces does she always have on?
    • Does she have a penchant for subtle or bold jewelry?
    • What piece would be a perfect complement to the one she wears daily?  

    There’s more questions you should ask to come up with the right gift, whether the recipient is male or female. A simpler way to determine individual style is to think about a few words that best describe your partner’s aesthetic. This will help you sift through the different options and make a decision less difficult.

    If you’re still stumped for answers, don’t forego the purchase. Opt for a piece that a wearer can conveniently transform from casual to dressy and vice-versa, such as stud earrings or a classic timepiece. When you put some thought to your gift purchase, it will be more appreciated by your loved one.

    • Return policy

    Despite your best efforts, it’s still possible to end up with a piece that your partner might not like. You have to be ready with a solution in case something like this happens. Thus, make sure that jewelry you purchase comes with a return or exchange policy.

    It’s true that material things don’t measure the strength and worth of your relationship. But then, giving is one way of expressing your love. By making some considerations, you’ll be able to choose the most suitable jewelry gift for your partner and make your statement of love clearer and louder.


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