The Way to Reach Zereth Mortis in World of Warcraft

    WoW has completed more than a decade, and the geographics have seen many expansions in these years. The map is more significant than ever, and hence it has become trickier. There are many areas you have to unlock with the eligibility requirements.

    Today we will guide you on reaching Zereth Mortis which is entangled somewhere in Shadowlands. If this is your first time, remember that Level 60 is the minimum requirement. Then, there are two parts to complete named as: covenant campaign and the Chains of Domination. When you have completed them, you become eligible for getting to Mortis.

    Knowing and Reaching Zereth Mortis

    Mortis exists in Shadowlands; however, the exact location is unknown. You should keep seeing the portal once you have the covenant’s sigil.

    Players must cross Level 60 to become eligible for the portal. They should become a part of a covenant, and then they need to cross two parts that are a part of the quests.

    Players confused with the progress should check their quest log to stay updated. BtWQuests is one addon that will help you as it makes the tracking smooth.

    Let’s assume that you have completed the two parts. You will then receive your call for the further steps or the Primus.

    In the meantime, players can check out this amazing WoW Mythic 10 boost. Level 60 is the minimum level a player should have and share your login details with the expert players. The experts will play on your behalf, unlocking the most challenging dungeons and making raiding a bliss for you. You receive all the items and loot that come in the way while raiding these dungeons.

    Play Zereth Mortis Using Alt

    Your reach to Mortis becomes fast when you utilize alt. Other than that, everything remains the same. Alt makes the overall process becomes easier and faster.

    Once you are ready, you will join a covenant and complete the first part. However, you do not need to go through the second part since you are playing on alt. You can speak to Highlord and skip the second part. Accept the First Move, have a talk with Bolvar and choose the option “I’ve heard this tale before. .”

    You will now see your call for Primus; accept it, and you are done.

    Traveling to Zereth from Oribos

    The overall journey becomes easier if you have already visited Zereth. Once you have completed the first part of the campaign, you can see the portal that leads to Zereth from Oribos; it is situated on the second floor.


    However, if you haven’t completed the first chapter before leaving Zereth, you need to interact with Tal-Inara in Oribos. It can generally be found near the Shadowlands map.


    Those who play as Engineer can travel to Zereth using the wormhole. So if you are an engineer, use Enlightened Portal Research. The random drop happens from Enlightened paragon caches. Hence you have to take the support of the Enlightened to reach exalted. There you need to fill the bar till the drop happens.

    This way, you will arrive at Zereth where you start further exploration. Sign up for unlocking the mysteries of the First Ones and you can also unlock flying in Zereth.

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