Advantages Of 8th Gen Intel Core Processors

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    Owing to their great advantages plus the incredible user experiences they guarantee, 8th Gen Intel Core processors happen to be the processor family many high-end computer users are looking for.

    Ranging from excellent gaming to stunning VR experiences and hardware technologies designed for maximum protection of active security software, the advantages of 8th Gen Intel Core processors are just what many high-end users crave to enjoy.

    Quickly, this article takes you around the advantages which make 8th Gen Intel Core processors a better Intel Core processor family than the previous generation.

    High-end Gaming

    8th Gen Intel Core processors offer superb gaming capabilities which make gaming an exciting experience for high-end gamers.

    Ranging from editing, recording and sharing great game highlights to enjoying live-streaming, the gaming features of 8th Gen Intel Core processors are so great that they’re best suited for gamers looking to go beyond personal game play.

    One great way to create an avenue for smooth communal gaming experiences is to have a gaming laptop with an 8th Gen Intel Core i7 processor. Even 8th Gen Intel Processor Laptops, you can expect to play high end games.

    UHD Entertainment

    Of course, amazing entertainment is one of the notable advantages 8th Gen Intel Core processors have got to offer.

    In great measure, the entertainment-specific features of these processors bring a new dimension of entertainment and they include Intel Quick Sync Video (for enhancing video capabilities), HEVC 10-bit encode/decode, VP9 10-bit decode (for excellent creation and sharing of 4K videos) and High Dynamic Range and Rec. 2020 which facilitates improved image quality and video viewing.

    Amazing VR

    Reaching the peak of VR experiences comes with the help of high-performance processors. Excitingly, 8th Gen Intel Core processors spectacularly integrate audio, I/O connectivity, graphics, display, processor and other elements you need to achieve your VR goal.

    A PC powered by Intel Core processor i5 or Intel Core processor i7 and a top-quality head-mounted display could be all that you need to make your anticipated VR experience come alive.

    Incredible Performance

    If super-impressive performance is what you’ve always craved for in a computer, you may have to get a PC with an 8th gen Intel Core processor such as the Intel Core i7-8700K processor.

    Compared to the preceding processor generation, 8th Gen Intel Core processors pack as high as six cores, enabling them to operate at faster rates. Interestingly, the performance of these 8th gen processors is further boosted by the built-in Turbo Technology 2.0 which delivers the maximum cache memory of 12 MB and increases turbo frequency to 4.7 GHz.

    8th Gen Intel Core Processors feature support for DDR4 RAM that enables computers to deliver the memory transfer speeds of 2666 MT/s as well as accommodate up to 64GB of memory.

    Also, these processors feature Intel Hyper-Threading Technology which facilitates multitasking and expedites the execution time of tasks by enabling each processor core to operate on two tasks at a go.

    When integrated with the Intel Optane memory, 8th Gen Intel Core processors enable computer systems to offer superb levels of responsiveness that high-end users often desire.


    If you are buying a desktop or laptop, make sure you have 8th generation Intel Core Processor to have above-mentioned benefits. If you are a stock trader, there is specific laptop for stock traders you can go for. For some other purposes, there are quality laptops you should go but make sure the processor is 8th generation Intel Core.


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