The Psychological Benefits of Lower Weighted Firearms

    Guns and firearms are subjective. Its ownership is constantly discussed in the media and social circles. So let us mention some of the mental benefits to understand how owning firearms benefit us internally. 

    Physical Power

    Owning a gun is highly beneficial for physical strength too. The guns come in numerous sizes, which support the physical aspect. Smaller and lighter guns are less likely to test the physical strength of the shooter. However, for the larger guns, you must be physically capable of lifting and shooting. Operating a firearm becomes even more challenging when you need to aim and stand steady to shoot.

    When operating the guns, the shooter must have a strong back, arm, and shoulders. The core strength needs to withstand the blowback once the bullet leaves the gun. If the shooter’s weight is not distributed correctly, they may wobble and get hurt seriously. These injuries include dislocated shoulders and bank discs.


    Shooting isn’t only about the physical aspects but has mental benefits. Many gun owners will testify that operating firearms is less about physical attributes. The shooting requires calculation and logic. In contrast, the shooter must also consider the best stance before shooting and the environmental factors such as wind direction.

    These simultaneous calculations make the process a lot complicated. The brain is processing the factors and circumstances. It doesn’t require academic degrees, but a certain level of math is necessary to shoot perfectly. Therefore, we advise proper training from a professional before holding and aiming a gun.


    The least expected benefit of firearms you can think of is meditation. However, firearms are indeed somewhat meditative. Let’s start at the beginning. Holding and lifting the gun requires a lot of focus. As the shooter aims and adjusts, the distance between the shooter and object requires further calculation and focus.

    The shooter is expected to maintain balance and control of the firearm while holding it. It requires extreme attention to detail and maximum effort to avoid any serious accidents. The shooter is genuinely focused and zoomed at operating and shooting the gun.


    Other than meditation, you cannot ignore feeling adrenaline while holding a firearm. Shooting a gun and holding a gun is a very rush-feeling experience. It provokes the human need to hunt. The adrenaline with the primal feeling has a positive impact on mental health.

    It immediately focuses your mind on the object in your hand or holster, and your energy levels spike. You believe you can do anything. The blood flow through the body is optimized, which means the organs are working at excellent capacity. The neurochemicals balance out any mood imbalances and introduce confidence in your walking style. You feel powerful yet lighter at the same time.

    It Is Time To Learn How To Shoot

    Whether you are a gun collector or own a firearm for personal protection, we respect your right to take matters into your own hands. 80 Percent Arms has a variety of 80 lowers for purchase, so give them a visit. You will not be disappointed!

    Main Photo by Byron Sullivan.


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