7 Things That Automatically Make A Hot Guy Ugly

    In the wonderful world of dating, there are a lot of guys that look hot at first glance, but once they open their mouths, things go down hill… fast. No matter how good-looking they might be on the outside, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the inside matches, and sometimes, if you’re smart, that’s the deal breaker.

    Here are 7 things that automatically make a guy instantly ugly, EVERY TIME:

    1. When he knows he’s hot… but, thinks he is IT.


    Confidence is cool and all, but guys, please chill with the cockiness. If you’re aware that you’re good looking, congratulations! You own a mirror, you have eyes, good for you! But, please don’t walk around like your God’s gift to the Earth.

    2. When he’s super materialistic…

    I once had a guy ask me what kind of car I drive and how much money I make all within five minutes of meeting me. He also asked me if my shoes were Chanel. They weren’t. Boy, bye.

    3. When he doesn’t like dogs…


    I get that everyone has their own personal preferences, but one of mine is that you MUST LOVE DOGS. You just must. If you don’t, I’m automatically programmed to question what kind of person you are, and to be honest, I’m thinking it ain’t pretty. (Seriously, what kind of person doesn’t like dogs?!?!?!?)

    4. When he’s a bigger girl than me…

    Why are you taking longer than me to get ready? Why is your skin so shiny? WHERE IS THE HAIR ON YOUR LEGS??? While I appreciate a guy that’s nicely groomed, do less bro, do less.

    5. When he stares at everything with a p#%$y that walks past him…

    Sooooo… there’s this thing called standards and it’s really nice when guys have them. Also, manners aren’t a bad thing either. If you’re checking out every single girl that walks by, you automatically go from such a cutie to straight up creepy.

    6. When he talks a big game but has nothing to back it up


    If your game is talking a bunch of bullsh*t, trust us, no one is buying it. NO ONE! If you don’t have a job and you’re living on your mom’s couch, own it, don’t pretend you’re cruising around Miami in a Maserati. We know you ain’t, lil’ homie.

    7. He calls his ex crazy. 

    Excuse me, sir, but I’m sure she’s lovely. Be a man and don’t put down any woman. Better yet, how about you just don’t talk to me about your ex at all? Because HELLO, we just met. Sounds like the only crazy one here is you.

    What are some of your dating deal breakers? Let us know in the comments!

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