The Man Who Never Leaves the Airport

    No, I am not talking about the fiction movie “The Terminal”.  I am not even talking about the person who is so addicted to gambling that took advantage of the online casino Australia no deposit bonus before the coronavirus began, and became so engrossed in the fun activities on the site that he has not yet realized that the rest of the world is in lockdown.

    I am talking about a man named MZ from Israel.  If there was ever a definition of a superhero or a superstar, this man would fit that definition. This guy is a celebrity of his own making. He had touched so many lives. He has saved so many lives. But he is a silent man traveling from city to city, country to country, never leaving the airport.

    MZ, age 47, has been volunteering for 20 years as an organ donor courier, and mostly transports bone marrow to patients around the world. Last month, his employer furloughed him until the end of April. (Same story as a lot of other people.) But instead of sitting at home, becoming depressed and watching the clock tick until this disaster is over, MZ decided to volunteer full-time as an organ donor courier.

    Israel, like a lot of other countries, requires that anybody who enters the country from another country must go into a 14-day quarantine. So MZ made an arrangement with the Ministry of Health that he did not have to go into a 14-day quarantine on the condition that while in Israel he does not leave the airport. So a courier drops off the bone marrow (or other organs) at the airport, MZ takes possession of the package and goes on the plane to a different country. In that country, if they have the same restricts, the process is repeated in the opposite direction.

    MZ has been doing this, back and forth, airport to airport, country to country, since essentially the lockdowns began. And since he is one of the few people who are still actually doing this volunteer work, his work becomes even more critical.

    Since a lot of hotels are closed (or have a 14-day quarantine restriction) MZ does not always have a bed to sleep in. Since a lot of restaurants are closed, even for take out food, MZ does not always have a way to get food to eat. There were times during this when MZ was not able to get access to food for 24 hours. How many of us would be willing to make those kinds of sacrifices day after day, until … Does anybody know at this time?

    When MZ was asked, “What was the worst part about doing this volunteer work?” MZ replied, “Being in my home country of Israel and not being able to visit my family.”  Wow!  And the rest of us think it is hard being stuck at home with our families day after day 24/7. Wow!

    There have even been times when direct flights to people have been canceled between point A to point B, right before and right after Passover between NY and Israel. Only cargo-only flights were allowed to go through. Even though MZ was carrying the most precious cargo of all (donated organs and bone marrow), he (his physical body) was not allowed on the plane, and the precious cargo could not go into the non-temperature controlled cargo area by itself.

    The bone marrow was allowed to go through, but creative ways through the help of airlines like El-Al had to be used.

    As things get more hectic, more creativity is needed to make sure this most precious cargo can still get delivered to needed hospitals around the world. But on the flip side, more companies are volunteering their services to ensure this vital supply does not get shut down including Royale (a British courier company) and El-Al (an Israeli airline) – both helping at no cost.

    During the month of March, “MZ was able to deliver 26 bone marrow donations: 14 to EU countries, 10 to the US, one to Argentina and one to Panama.”

    So let’s all give a big thumbs up ???? to these weird, but true to heroes, superheroes, celebrities, hidden angels, or whatever else you want to call them who are risking their lives for people they do not even know in countries all around the world. ???? (clapping hands), ???? (high five), ???? (thank you), ???? (party on).


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