The Keys To Creating A Killer Work Culture

    How-To: Creating The Perfect Office Culture

    Why does work have to be painful? We spend the majority of our adult lives working day in and day out just to survive, so shouldn’t it be somewhat enjoyable?

    Lately, companies are all about creating an awesome culture in the workplace so that their employees not only feel appreciated, but so they don’t dread coming to work every single day.

    Remember when you were in school and there was some sort of movie time or assembly that got you out of class for a while? That was the greatest feeling ever. Consider applying the same concept, just with ‘adulting’.

    Happy employees = sh*t getting done.

    Ready to join the wave of Killer Corporate Culture? Here’s how to start:

    Step 1: Get to Know Your Employees

    Whenever new employees come on board, make it a point to introduce them to the entire team. Ask the new hire(s) if they want to tell everyone a little bit about themselves or if they prefer management give a little bio about them. Then end the intro’s with an awesome game! Have current employees ask the new hire(s) fun questions to welcome them. This was an awesome ice breaker at my last job and helped everyone shake the initial new job jitters.


    Step 2: Set The Vibe Of The Office

    You spend most of your days at work, so why shouldn’t it be as nice as your home? Leave the white boring walls and florescent lighting behind- it’s time to spice up the office. Add awesome artwork to the walls, have creative spaces employees can go to take a breather and get their thoughts in order, and get some bean bag chairs! Corporate doesn’t have to be cold. Encourage employees to decorate their office or cubicals with things they love! Feeling comfortable is key to being productive.- Oh, and add a snack bar. Food make the corporate world go ’round.


    Step 3: Rally The Team

    Team lunches, company outings, pop-up events; all these are great ways to add to the culture. Send out emails informing your employees that  the company will be providing lunch on Fridays, or bagels on Mondays. Have ‘early days’ where departments go out for Happy Hour to get to know each other a little better. Plan cool events and surprise the company with them such as funny guest speakers, getting involved in the community, or taking work outside to an outdoor eating area for everyone to enjoy the warm weather. Breaking up the monotony of everyday will help keep everyone fresh and not hating their jobs- which is kind of important.

    Step 4: Develop An Open Door Policy

    Life happens. Good employees won’t ever take advantage of a good system, so why should they be punished for those who do? Consider having flexibility to help the work-life balance montra. Employees shouldn’t have to take a personal day just because they need to go to the dentist, and 1 week of vacation a year is kind of inconsiderate. A lot of companies are testing the water with unlimited vacation time as long as the job gets done. If someone wants to work from home, allow it. See if they are as productive out of office as they are in office. If someone needs to take a mental health day, ( and we all need a few of those) don’t dock their pay because of it. We’re not saying let someone take off one straight month, but set guidelines that prove to your employees you appreciate their work and respect their outside life.

    Remember, just because other people can do the job, doesn’t mean they can do it well.


    Step 5: Embrace Casual Days

    Meeting and corporate events require a certain dress code, but throwing some causal days at your employees will loosen up the stiffness in the office. If you can implement a business casual dress code go for it! Not having to suit up everyday actually decreases stress. Take note of if your staff is in a better a mood on days they walk into the office in jeans. I can almost guarantee they will be.


    Being productive and casual doesn’t have to be scary and it doesn’t make your company any less professional. Having the coolest company and happiest employees in town? #Winning


    • Tom La Vecchia

      Founder of New Theory & X Factor Media

      Founder and Publisher of New Theory Magazine and Podcast. Serial Entrepreneur who loves wine, cigars and anything that allows to people to connect and share experiences.

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