4 Signs You’re Getting Too Comfortable In Your ‘Casual’ Dating Relationship


    When it comes to hookup culture, it’s all about playing it cool… which let’s be real here: none of us really are. So, what do we do? We fake it until we make it.

    We play it off like we woke up like this, when in reality, it took us hours to get ready. We keep our mouths shut when we want to scream at you. We pretend like we didn’t want that last slice of pizza, and then nonchalantly look away because we can’t even bare to watch you take that final bite.

    But, even in casual dating relationships that are supposed to be casual, sometimes, something unexpected happens — you get close enough that you eventually quit playing it cool.

    Concerned that you may have caught the #feels? Here are four signs that you’ve officially reached the comfortable stage in your “casual” dating relationship and have fallen for your fling…



    When girls start hooking up with a guy, you better believe that they are on their A-game. This means, they essentially shave from their eyebrows down, and we dare you to even try to find a single hair. Spoiler alert: You won’t.

    Girls take their grooming very seriously, so when they start to slack, know that sh*t just got real. Basically, if they think you’re lovable, ya might feel some stubble.



    In case you didn’t know, girls are f*cking crazy. And, the craziest of crazy girls are so crazy that know how to perfectly cover up their crazy. Yup, we’re that good.

    In the beginning of any type of relationship, a crazy girl will come off as super chill, until BOOM, one day all hell breaks loose.

    When you’re finally calling out a guy, double texting him, and saying what you really think, that’s when you’re comfortable — you don’t worry that he’ll think you’re nuts, because c’mon, who’s really normal anyway? Not you!



    The hardest part about hanging out with a new hookup is pretending you’re not a food hoarder. You frantically throw the fast food bags out of your car, clear the candy wrappers out of your purse, and force a smile when you order the salad because you’ve just got to convince them that you looooove lettuce (kill me now).

    Then, one glorious day, no f*cks are given. You’re not worried about what they’ll think of you covered in BBQ sauce with meat stuck in your teeth — you order the baby back ribs and you never look back.

    You go, girl.



    The true test of being comfortable with someone is being able to hang out with them and not say a damn word. You stop scrambling for stupid sh*t to say, skip the small talk, and are actually able to enjoy a blissful moment of silence. Who knew?

    When you’re finally about to keep your mouth shut, and not feel weird about it, you’ve reached a milestone.


    You see, crossing the line from casual dating to comfortable relationship doesn’t sound all that bad — so, don’t freak out if you catch the #feels, instead, just be happy that you finally get to be yourself.

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