How To Manage Back Pain This Winter

    A common refrain in winter, regardless of age,is “boy, does my back hurt”! Whether it’s the heavy lifting of the Christmas tree, the strained, hunched position required for snow shovelling, or the general inactivity that accompanies the cold weather in Toronto, winter has a way of conspiring against our backs.And if you’re suffering from arthritis, the pain might intensify, as the cold and damp weather exacerbates the pain in your joints. While you can opt to take over-the-counter pain relief drugs, this is only a Band-Aid solution, and the pain might keep recurring. You need reliable tips on reducing back pain, as well as the help of chiropractic treatment, if you’re going to enjoy the Toronto winter.

    Chiropractic, including Structural Correction, aims at adjusting your body to alleviate pain and move you toward general health and wellness. Focusing mainly on pains associated with the spine, nerves and joints, a chiropractor will make adjustments to allow proper body positioning, alleviating pain naturally without the use of surgery or medication. If there’s one overarching tip for Torontonians looking to manage back pain this winter, it would be to book a consultation with a chiropractor and discuss the pain you’re experiencing. When you’re looking for professional advice on controlling back pain this winter, consider a chiropractor that has experience, one with positive reviews and proper academic qualifications and licensure. 

    But managing back pain in the winter months starts with understanding some good practices, as well as some risks. Before you shovel that snow, try warming up first. Not necessarily stretching, as stretching cold muscles isn’t always good, but going for a brisk walk around the block, maybe to grab groceries, just to loosen and warm up your muscles before you head into some strenuous activity can make a difference. Also, tread carefully on those slick sidewalks. You might even want to look into some high traction, anti-slip boots, to avoid a nasty spill. And if you’re the type of person who responds to cold weather by holing up inside in front of your computer or phone, just remember to pay particular attention to your posture.

    Alas, back pain just happens sometimes, and for these unfortunate aches and pains, a visit to an experienced chiropractor is the way to go. So, what to expect? A visit to a chiropractor might involve him/her asking you some routine questions about your medical history, the medication you are on and whether or not you had an accident. Your doctor may decide to take x-rays before starting the chiropractic treatment therapy. A chiropractor will also give you tips on reducing back pain when you are at home, expanding on the above points and offering tips specific to your issue.

    When you are looking for a chiropractor, find one who is well conversant with your problem, one that will help work with you to solve the underlying issues causing your pain or discomfort. When winter starts stinging your back and neck, the best salve is solid advice and a quality chiropractor.


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