The Healthiest Types of Cheese to Have in the Fridge

    Cheese is a staple in many families because this product is rich in nutrients and serves as a perfect additional source of energy or as a quick snack.

    However, we often don’t even think about what particular sorts of this dairy goodie can give us the maximum of their benefits. So today we will fix that!

    Love Cheese? Then Go For One Of These!

    Basically, all sorts of cheese no matter whether they are hard or soft are healthy and give us many irreplaceable elements needed for our body and immunity. Nevertheless, several kinds of such foodstuff can be considered the most beneficial, and our friend nutrition Expert Elisa Chan would like to introduce them to you:

    1. Mozzarella

    This soft and white cheese made of cow’s milk has rather high moisture content and is known for its delicious creamy taste and delicate aroma.

    What is it so special about this Italian foodstuff? Well, mozzarella usually contains less sodium compared to other sorts of this product. Also, it can be called a low-calorie cheese since one hundred grams of it contain only a bit more than twenty grams of fat.

    Another beneficial feature of mozzarella is that the bacteria it contains work as probiotics which means this cheese is our gut’s best friend. Moreover, it helps our bodies to fight inflammation and improves our immune system.

    All benefits, no risks!

    2. Blue cheese

    This moldy foodstuff is not something that everyone will like because of the specific taste and smell. However, this sort of cheese is a powerhouse in terms of the benefits we receive from consuming it!

    Blue cheese is usually produced of cow, sheep, or goat’s milk with the addition of special mold cultures this cheese is cured with.

    You should definitely include it into your menu if you need more calcium since this moldy cheese has one of the highest amounts of it compared to other sorts of this foodstuff.

    Besides, this dairy goodie tastes perfect with almost anything from crackers to fruits and nuts, so incorporating it into your diet will not be a big deal.

    3. Parmesan

    This cheese is hard because it’s aged, and it’s not so easy to make it spoiled, however, even such a durable foodstuff can get bad. But if you store it right, it will allow you to benefit from all the positive features it can offer us.

    Parmesan is filled with nutrients, it is low-fat and it’s a great source of carbs and protein. 

    In addition, this sort of cheese has a very low level of lactose because of aging it undergoes. So if you are into lactose-free foodstuffs, opt for this one, you won’t regret it.

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    4. Cottage cheese

    This soft dairy foodstuff is made of loose curds of cow’s milk, and it is packed with a protein having more of it than other cheeses. It is also pretty low in fat and calories (besides, it is easy to find zero-fat variations in the supermarkets) which makes cottage cheese an ideal option for those who are on a diet.

    As a protein-rich food, cottage cheese has a very handy quality: it can make us feel full faster which means that it is pretty hard to eat too much of it.

    So spread it on toasts, blend into smoothies, or make use of it as a base for dips to get the most of its benefits.

    5. Ricotta

    Smooth, creamy, and very delicious cheese with a delicate texture, ricotta can easily become everyone’s favorite. It can be called a byproduct of cheese making since ricotta is produced from the watery parts of milk used for manufacturing other sorts of cheese.

    However, it doesn’t influence its beneficial qualities: ricotta is rich in protein and essential amino acids that help us lower the blood pressure and grow strong muscles. It also reduces the level of cholesterol thus being a necessary foodstuff for those who take care of their heart health.

      6. Cheddar

    This semi-hard cheese made from the matured cow’s milk can have different tastes from mild to pretty sharp but it is always super healthy. Cheddar is quite low in fats but rich in calcium and protein. Moreover, this cheese is a fine source of vitamin K which makes it a beneficial foodstuff for our heart, blood vessels, and bones.

     Each of these cheeses can be added to almost any dish and even be eaten on a toast. Include them into your daily menu, and be sure your health will boost! 


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