The Fanwood Grille Review – Local NJ

    The Fanwood Grille, which is located at 34 S Martine Ave, Fanwood NJ is a hidden gem. I visited this restaurant after hearing people rave about their award winning soups and dishes. The Fanwood Grille was voted the Best Soups in NJ by The Daily Meal. They are also known as a signature stop for the Hot Dog Nation Tour. After reading all the buzz and raving reviews, I had to go try it out myself!

    I was greeted by the head chef Paul Watterson. He explained everything is home made, always fresh, never frozen…ever!  I was seated by the hostess who had the most contagious smile and laugh, everyone was so friendly and outgoing. I did notice even the customers who just finished eating stopped to have conversations with myself and other customers dining in. A memorable comment I received from a regular with a giant smile was .  Just wait until you try the food!”

    For starters I was served a bowl of one of their most popular soups, the French onion soup. I am a foodie and I can tell you I have had many French onion soups in my day, and I can say hands down the broth and onions surpassed my expectations. The soup was so rich and the onions were beyond flavorful. I was so impressed already and I still had multiple dishes coming my way.

    After finishing my soup, I could smell the next dish. I was unable to guess at first but when I saw it coming I was beyond excited. The chef brought me out a steaming hot bowl of Gumbo and a lobster roll! The Gumbo was bursting of flavor. I finished the entire bowl without a single feeling of regret. I can easily say I will be back for that dish. Next I tried the lobster roll, I am from the Jersey shore so I know a good Lobster Roll when I see one. The Maine Lobster roll is fresh as can be, lobster straight from Maine. Even the coleslaw that came with the Lobster dish was fresh and homemade. I was truly amazed by every dish thus far.

         One of my favorite dishes was the Fire & Ice hot dog! The sensation after eating this hot dog is indescribable.  I bit into the hot dog and received a sweet bacon taste, which was shortly followed up by the heat of the onions. The name fits perfectly, I have already made my way back to the Grille for another one since my initial review. I can see why the Hot Dog Nation tour stops at the Fanwood Grille.

    The Fanwood Grille not only delivers but also offers food to go. You can have food for a week delivered or pick it up. They provide premier meals that are ideal for busy working adults, school children lunches, and anyone else who does not feel like cooking but wants a delicious homemade meal.

    Overall the Fanwood Grill is truly a hidden treasure, every dish set the standards higher for me for all future reviews. The food is nothing short of amazing with extremely reasonable prices and specials. I would highly suggest everyone to visit the Fanwood Grille, you will totally understand why I had to visit and write this review.

    Check out the Fanwood Grille website here.


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