What Jobs Require Perfect Vision or Eye Health?

    When you’re younger, your vision and eye health mostly have to do with being able to see things around you in a practical manner effectively. For example, when you’re in school, you need to be able to see the board and to read the books in front of you. But as you get older, your eye health can have a distinct effect on your ability to choose specific careers.

    If you’ve never thought about this for, consider that specific perspective as it concerns your professional pathway and your ability to make money in certain situations. Pilots need to have fantastic vision. If you have bad eyes, this option would be limited to you. Another profession that requires excellent eyesight is if you play a sport like baseball. 

    It is a defining factor in how well you can see the ball in different lighting conditions. Third, if you’re an architect or a designer, having exceptionally good vision makes a big difference in how well you can observe environments and then translate that into professional formats.


    If you’ve ever wanted to fly an aircraft, then you know vision test is a big part of the requirement for training. Especially in the military, fighter pilots have to have perfect vision because of the profession and the stress involved. Having to wear glasses as an accessory is a nonstarter in situations of life and death. Airline pilots have slightly more leeway, but during training, it’s important that your eyeballs function perfectly even under high-stress conditions. Sometimes you can choose to get Lasik surgery, other times that’s not an option.

    Baseball Players

    It’s fascinating to look at the eyesight of baseball players. Because of the way the game works, it is very difficult to get into that profession if you have less than perfect vision. Not only do you have to be able to see things clearly, but you also have to be able to translate what you see into a perfect and instinctual action. 

    There are lots of people who will say the hardest thing to do in any professional sport is to hit a baseball that comes at you from a professional pitcher. Eyesight is a vital part of this equation.

    Architects and Designers

    Architects and designers need great vision as well. Perhaps this is not so much an effect of clear eyesight as it is the ability to see details and translate them accordingly. If you can imagine a designer with huge, thick glasses trying to figure out where all the details are in a big environment with objects near and far, then you can recognize where some of the problem is. Because of this, many designers, especially when they are in training, are expected to have impeccable vision.

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