The 4 Kinds of People You Need in Your Organization to Succeed


    We live in a fast-changing world, where companies sprout on every corner, and competition is at the core of every industry. That alone is enough to distract companies from the most valued assets they hold in their possession: their employees. No matter how passionate, brilliant, experienced, and innovative you may be, and all of your leadership skills aside, you need people by your side so that your business has a proper chance to succeed.

    A correction: you need the right people to succeed, not just any people. The definition of what is right for you will depend on your industry, your priorities, your customer base, and your culture. Still, certain kinds of people are considered the lifeblood of any organization, and the following are rightfully on that list – make sure they’re in your ranks.

    The networking master


    You recognize them the moment they walk into your offices. They’ve said hi to three out of five people because they already know them, and in a matter of minutes, they’ve met the remaining two in a natural way. You often see them at networking events for all and every industry out there, from tech giants to small educational seminars, absorbing every relevant piece of information and going home with a file filled with business cards.

    Knowing how to talk to people is one thing, but the masters of networking know how to approach each person, how to read people and recognize the best moment and the best manner to start a conversation with them. They will be the glue to your growth efforts, and every time you book a conference, you want this person by your side. Most importantly, they’re far from being “just talk”, they most certainly own their expertise, and they’ll make sure your business goes in the right direction at all times.

    The visionary

    Often dubbed as eccentric and strange, a visionary is misunderstood simply because most of us mere mortals fail to see the famous big picture. Somehow, while we focus on the immediate actions and immediate consequences and results, they manage to recognize the long-term benefits of certain decisions. Even more importantly, a visionary will see an opportunity where you see chaos and a challenge. They’ll know exactly how your current practice will shape your future and what needs to be done – much like Mozart, they are ahead of their time.

    It’s the visionary who will set the stage for a new era, such as the inventors of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. You may not be able to come across such brilliant minds for your own industry, but working with people who have this forward outlook and the ability to see the beginning and the finish line in one fell swoop, while the rest of us will take years to understand their process, is a privilege. If you’re lucky enough to share your offices with such a diamond in the rough, make sure you give them the space and resources to thrive.

    The organizational guru


    Once upon a time, an assistant was nothing more than a nameless person in the shadows, and all the credit would go to the CEO and management in general. Nowadays, and especially in countries such as Australia where companies are sprouting almost daily, the role of this one person behind the scenes has become admired and sought-after more than ever.

    That is why versatile administration jobs in Sydney and other major cities in Australia have become some of the most coveted positions for employees as well as employers to run a successful business. Why, you ask? Because it’s up to your organizational guru to enable your visionary to not waste time on administration and devote their talents to their expertise. This guru will enable seamless and smooth operations on a daily basis, as they are the oil for every cog in your business machine.

    The innovation geek

    You already know that you live in a fast-paced world, and that fact alone drives brands to deliver new products and services on a regular basis. This is not merely a trend in the US where the competition is so fierce, but also in smaller European countries, where fewer customers means higher stakes to retain their loyalty. That’s why you need an innovator, someone who walks around with a lightbulb hanging over their head, with another amazing idea in the works.

    Let them work with your visionary, and you’ll likely have them steer and complement one another, with the visionary making sure their incredible ideas are feasible for the future, and coming up with ways you can use those ideas to solve a burning issue in your niche. That’s why more companies are hiring based on a personality match than merely for a particular position – because these creative spirits need to be unleashed to show you their true potential.


    Your employees will come from all walks of life. They’ll be well-educated, sleek, introverted, complex, easy or not so easy to talk to, you name it – but if you allow these key figures to be by your side while you grow your business, you’ll begin to understand the value of having the right people develop your brand, no matter how different they all may be. Diversity is precisely what will help our world and your business grow to be more successful than ever.


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