Five Old-Fashioned Ways to Advertise That Still Work


    With the invention of the internet, marketing has changed forever. Businesses of all sizes are creating websites, updating social media accounts, and buying online advertisements, all in an effort to boost sales.

    There’s no denying that these marketing methods are effective and important to any marketing strategy, but that doesn’t mean they should be pursued at the expense of old-fashioned advertising methods.

    Although many older advertising methods are less glamorous than modern digital marketing, many of them continue to be an effective way to advertise your brand.

    Here are five-old fashioned advertising options that are just as effective today as they were decades ago.

    Flags and Banners

    One of the most fun ways to advertise is with flags and banners! Feather flags are an especially good way to advertise your business.

    Feather flags are a great way to advertise because they can be used indoors and out. They can be placed outside your store to promote its grand opening, they can be used to promote special sales, and they can be used inside to direct people to a meeting space.

    They can be created in a variety of colors and with a variety of different designs. They can be ordered in many different sizes, and in some cases, they can be ordered in different shapes. They are all equally eye-catching because they catch the breeze, providing them with movement that can’t be ignored by passersby.

    Word of Mouth and Reviews

    Word of mouth has always been an effective way to promote your business. Advertising the old-fashioned way might mean providing existing customers with a discount for referring friends and family to your business.

    The modern version of word of mouth is online reviews. They work the same way word of mouth does, but they have the potential to reach a wider audience, which is why you should pay close attention to them.

    Respond to reviews online, even the negative ones, and encourage customers to leave your business positive reviews online. If you curate a list of great online reviews, you can expect a boost to your business.

    Print and Mail

    A lot of people would argue that print is dead. Although it isn’t quite what it once was, it isn’t dead yet! Print advertisements continue to be an effective way to advertise.

    That means putting ads in the local newspapers and magazines, but that’s not all. You should also consider direct mail advertising too.

    Just as is the case with any kind of advertising, there are pros and cons to direct mail advertising. A few of the pros include:

    • Handouts can be highly targeted to each recipient
    • Their success is easy to measure
    • They can be a cost-effective way to advertise, compared to other methods

    In addition, there’s a lot less competition. Paper mail has decreased in recent years, while many people are drowning in emails. You can actually get a leg-up on your competition by sending out traditional mail advertisements!

    Broadcast Media

    When the average Joe thinks of advertising, they probably think of TV. Because it’s a common way to advertise, it’s also a good way to advertise.

    Don’t have the resources to create a TV advertisement? Consider a radio advertisement instead!

    Radio advertising enables you to personalize your message for different audiences, depending on which station you choose. They are a lot quicker to produce than television commercials, and they are often a lot less expensive.

    Don’t just think you’re relegated to the local radio stations! Consider putting your advertisements on internet-based stations to reach and even bigger audience.

    In-Store Displays

    There are many ways to arrange your store to boost sales, but don’t forget that people who are unfamiliar with your brand will look inside your store when determining whether it’s worth their time to walk through the door for a closer look.

    Invest time and money into creating appealing window displays, and change them out often to keep things fresh. Use bright colors, and make it look like you like to have fun in your store. Play music, hang playful banners, post current sales, and consider handing out gifts to shoppers who enter your store as ways to promote your brand.

    Spend time on modern advertising methods, like email newsletters and blogs, but don’t forget about tried-and-true advertising options. These ideas may be a little old-fashioned, but they continue to prove they are just as effective as modern advertising campaigns. Plus, they have the potential to save you both time and money!


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