Ten Great Holiday Gift Ideas for Mom

    The gift-giving season has a way of sneaking up on you. When it comes to the woman who gave you the world, choosing a gift can feel impossible. How can you choose something that conveys your gratitude?

    Whether your mom is the woman who gave birth to you or another woman in your life who shaped the person you are today, here are ten great gift ideas to celebrate her love.

    “Reasons Why I Love You” Journal

    One of the best ways to show your mom how much you love her is to tell her. Getting a “Reasons Why I Love You” journal creates the format to make it easy to get your feelings across, even if words aren’t your forte. 

    Choosing a fill-in journal asks questions that you answer in your own words. Alternatively, you can have a custom book made with funny cartoons of you and your mom that follows the same format but still conveys emotion. This format is an excellent option for those that prefer a little levity with their love.

    Spa Day

    One of the best gifts to give the woman who cared for you is an opportunity to be cared for. A gift certificate for a spa day– or better yet, planning a spa day for her– is an amazing, flexible gift. 

    If you can’t swing a spa day, look for a mobile spa service that will come to her. Alternatively, you can put together some great products for an at-home spa experience.

    Wine Subscription

    If your mom is a “wine mom,” then getting her a wine subscription is a fun gift. The subscription means that she’ll be getting your gift all year long, trying new things, and developing her inner connoisseur. 

    Look for a subscription service that also provides wine accessories. Products like decanters, stoppers, easy-to-use corkscrews, and wine glasses are a great add-on for wine services. 

    Bed Sheets

    Bed sheets may not sound like a great gift, but we’re not talking about cotton sheets from the local department store. Think the Cadillac of bedsheets: Egyptian cotton, high thread count, sheets that feel like falling into the lap of luxury.

    For this level of comfort on a smaller scale, get Mom some silk pillowcases. Not only are these pillowcases incredibly comfortable, but they do wonders for bed head. 

    A Custom Hamper

    Gift baskets are highly underrated. That is, as long as you aren’t choosing one from the store shelf. Putting together a thoughtful gift basket can be an exciting, personalized, and versatile gift option. 

    Choose items that you know Mom will love, or turn to sites like Christmas Hampers Australia for some help or inspiration. Whether it’s chocolates and wine, coffee and biscotti or breakfast foods for entertaining over the holidays, a custom hamper is both practical and thoughtful.

    The Family Jewels

    Have a necklace or ring made with your family birthstones. There are a lot of beautiful options for customization and design. Keep it simple with a ring or opt for a “Peas in a Pod” style necklace. This gift option is a great gift to go splits on with your siblings and will give your mom a daily reminder of how much she means to all of you.

    Handwritten Recipe Plate or Tea Towels

    For an easy-yet-meaningful gift, create a custom, handwritten recipe plate or tea towels. You can do this to immortalize one of your mom’s favorite recipes or capture a family recipe that’s been passed down through the ages.

    Thanks to the Internet, you can have handwriting scanned and printed on a plate, on fabric to make tea towels or even turned into jewelry. Choose the one that would be most meaningful to your mom.

    Family Portrait

    It can be challenging to get the family together for photos. Either coordinate a shared photo session or have a commissioned piece put together. You can have a beautiful oil painting of your family or opt for something more minimalist, like a cartoon art style print.

    Custom Family Pillow

    Custom throw pillows are all the rage in recent years. It adds a personal note to your interior design scheme and can be customized to enhance the room.

    One of the most popular ways to personalize a family pillow is to include everyone’s first name in a minimalist style. Another custom idea is to have a pillow printed with a map with heart icons on the places your family calls home. If you can’t decide, get her a few to mix and match.

    Charitable Donations

    For the mom who has everything she ever wanted, share the wealth by making a charitable donation in her name. Choose an organization that’s near and dear to her heart and have a card printed or a small ornament commissioned to notify her. 

    Bonus: The Gift of Time

    One of the best gifts for mom is your time. Take her out for dinner or schedule a standing date to drink coffee and catch up. While these gifts show how much you care, nothing can replace the memories you create together.


    • Tom La Vecchia

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