10 Reasons to Fight Alcoholism

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    The entire body is affected when you become an alcoholic. Your nervous system, heart, liver, brain, and emotional wellbeing are all affected by alcohol. The effects of alcohol relate to the total alcohol amount you ingest. What’s more, the negative effects of alcohol are more than its worth.

    Anybody that has had problems relating to drinking knows why alcoholism is worth fighting. You can start as a social drinker but eventually, turn to binge drinking. The effects of heavy drinking are more than just having a great time out with friends. Once your body gets used to having alcohol, living without it becomes a challenge. Alcoholism is a serious condition that can destroy your life completely. Here are some of the major reasons to fight alcoholism.


    Hangovers are unpleasant symptoms of excessive alcohol consumption. They occur the morning after a person has been drinking heavily. A hangover is typically characterized by thirst, fatigue, vomiting, nausea, muscle aches, headache, rapid pulse, dizziness, mood disturbances, bloodshot eyes, and sensitivity to sound and light. Quitting drinking means you won’t have morning-after hangovers. That itself is a sufficient reason to quit drinking.

    Life Quality

    A major problem it that for many people alcohol is running their lives, so that they ask, ‘where do I find a rehab near me’ (AddictionResource.com provides information). Rehab is a facility that helps individuals with drinking problems overcome alcoholism.

    Excessive alcohol consumption affects the professional, financial, and emotional wellbeing of a person. Its long-term use leads to psychiatric problems like an antisocial personality disorder, anxiety, and depression.

    When you quit drinking, you save money. Drinking is generally expensive even if you do it at home. Heavy drinkers spend a lot of money binge drinking with friends. There are many things you can do to improve your life with the money you would otherwise spend on alcohol.

    You also improve your emotional wellbeing when you stop drinking. There are many things you do while drunk that you can’t do while sober. You most likely shed tears when drunk for the things you do under the influence of alcohol. When you stop drinking, you will be in control of what you do. You won’t hurt others and this will improve how you relate with them.

    Alcohol has ruined many careers. You’ve probably been issued with warning or dismissal letters for poor performance or missed workdays. Perhaps, you have shown up at your workplace drunk or even late because you needed time to nurse hangovers. Once you quit drinking, you won’t do such things. Your performance at work will improve and this can even lead to a promotion that will have a positive effect on your life.


    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, excessive drinking in the form of binge drinking or heavy drinking is associated with many health problems. Major among them include:

    • Chronic diseases- Excessive drinking damages the liver leading to liver cirrhosis. It also causes pancreas inflammation or pancreatitis. Excessive consumption of alcohol is also associated with different cancers including mouth, liver, larynx, esophagus, and throat cancer. It also causes psychological disorders and high blood pressure.
    • Unintentional injuries- Heavy drinking is associated with injuries like falls, motor vehicle traffic crashes, burns, drowning, and firearm injuries.
    • Harm to unborn babies- Women that drink during pregnancy cause injuries to their unborn babies. They put them at the risk of conditions like fetal alcohol spectrum disorders or even sudden infant death syndrome.

    Many cases of violence such as homicide, suicide, and child maltreatment have been associated with heavy drinking. If you or a loved one has faced such health issues, it’s easy to ask, where do I find a drug rehab near me? That’s because you don’t want alcoholism to continue affecting your health, that of your loved ones, or even strangers negatively.

    Walk of Shame

    Once you quit drinking, you avoid waking up in places you don’t know. You also don’t wake up with regrets for the things you did while drunk. Quitting drinking means you make sober decisions. You won’t have to wake up and wonder who is beside you in bed. When drunk, you can easily make decisions you will regret when sober. To avoid this, fight alcoholism.

    To Avoid Apologizing for the Things You Do when Drunk

    Quitting drinking alcohol means no more need to apologize for the drunk you. You won’t have to explain the bad things you do when drunk. Fighting alcoholism enables you to prevent alcohol from impairing your decision making. Thus, you won’t have to apologize for drunken judgments anymore.

    To Regain Control

    Many people enter drug rehab centers to regain control over their lives. Alcohol dulls the human senses. Thus, it makes life dull. But, life is more interesting when a person is at their full physical and mental capacity. When you quit drinking, you regain control over your life. You choose what to do without alcohol interfering with your choices or decisions.

    To Have More Fun

    Quitting drinking enables a person to enjoy life more. You start enjoying things alcohol made seem boring. When you stop drinking alcohol, you start engaging in things like mountain climbing and biking. These are some of the things you can’t do while drunk.

    To Make Better Friends

    When living with alcoholism, you spend much of your time with drunken people. But, once you quit drinking, you start wondering what was making you spend time with them. You make new friends that will help you improve your life.

    To Avoid Legal Troubles

    Impaired driving is a major cause of legal troubles for many people in the United States. One person dies every 50 minutes with alcohol-related crashes costing more than $44 billion. 1 million drivers were arrested in 2016 for driving under the influence of narcotics or alcohol. You’ve probably faced legal troubles for driving under the influence of alcohol. Once you quit drinking, you won’t have to deal with such troubles.

    To Look Better

    Many people look older than they are when entering drug rehab facilities for treatment. That’s because toxins like the free radicals produced by alcohol accelerate the aging process. When you stop drinking, you look and feel better.

    It’s no secret that alcohol does more harm than good when taken excessively. If you or a loved one has a drinking problem, seek help from a reputable alcohol addiction rehab. 


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