8 Parts to Build Your Perfect Fallout 4 Gaming PC

    Have you always purchased your computers pre-built? Do you struggle to run modern games and programs? Are you highly upset regarding the recently released Fallout 4 PC specs? Fear no more — you’re in luck. We’ve put together a brief parts list for a complete computer system capable of running Fallout 4 as per the recommended system specifications. No need to drop $2K on a big box from a pre-built — if you have the time to build your own computer, do it! You’ll save hundreds.

    Always make sure to check compatibility of your parts. PC Part Picker can be a huge help!

    1. Windows 10 OS

    fallout-4-gaming-pc-windows-10 Microsoft Windows 10 Windows 10, the brand new operating system from Microsoft, is beautiful and powerful. Stripping away all the gaudy gross of Windows 8.1, Windows 10 is a return to the more familiar Windows interface, with excellent driver support for games and features such as the Cortana system. While many users will be able to upgrade from Windows 7 or 8.1 for free, some of us aren’t quite so lucky.

    2. Intel Core i5-4690 Processor

    fallout-4-gaming-pc-intel-core-i5-processor This Intel Core i5-4690 Processor is a powerful CPU made for modern gaming and applications. Whether you’re jonesing for Fallout 4 or you’re looking to process HD video and audio, you can’t go wrong on this processor. It’s not the most cutting edge — you’ll want an i7 for that — but it’s nothing to scoff at.

    3. MSI H81M-P33

    fallout-4-gaming-pc-motherboard Your motherboard is incredibly important for your computer. It connects all of the other parts — your CPU, RAM, hard drives, and graphics card all plug into your motherboard. You’ll likely need to upgrade as every motherboard is different — for example, if you purchase an AMD CPU instead of the recommended Intel i5 CPU, you’ll need a different motherboard — the slots for the CPU are completely different.

    While other components — such as RAM and video card — may be recycled and reused across different motherboards in some cases, your CPU won’t even fit! This
    MSI MicroATX motherboard will work great for the i5.

    4. Crucial 8 GB DDR3 Ram

    fallout-4-gaming-pc-RAM RAM is an incredibly important part of your computer. It won’t matter how powerful your CPU and graphics card are if you have 2 GB of RAM. If you have so little RAM and you try to run a program requiring more RAM than you have, your hard drive actually tries to act as RAM. Unfortunately, your hard drive and your RAM are completely different items, and they operate completely differently. Your HDD will never be able to compete with the speed of regular old RAM — so you want at least 8 GB for modern programs and operations, let alone gaming. Some games these days even recommend 16 GB!

    Crucial is a great manufacturer of RAM — you’ll do great with your
    Crucial Ballistix Tactical 8GB. Note — make sure you grab the two 4 GB sticks instead of a single 8 GB stick or four 2 GB sticks.

    5. Sapphire Radeon R9 280X 3GB

    fallout-4-gaming-pc-video-cardA graphics card is required for modern gaming these days. You can’t run anything but the most basic modern games, or older games, if you don’t have a powerful video card. This powerful Sapphire Radeon R9 280X will make sure you’re running Fallout 4 with lovely graphics on maximum settings — no blocks and pixels for you!

    6. Thermaltake Versa N21 ATX Mid Tower Case

    fallout-4-gaming-pc-tower Computer cases may not seem very important when building a computer. Why not use your old prebuilt case, right? Well… that’s just it. Prebuilt cases may not have great airflow on the interior, requiring you to buy another case fan or make changes to your internal configuration. Failure to sort your internal wiring out correctly can make the problem even worse, leading to long-term heating and system instability problems. You want a modern, well-built case to keep your components safe!

    Thermaltake case features great airflow and an awesome transparent section, allowing you to see all your components humming way!

    7. EVGA 500W Power Supply

    fallout-4-gaming-pc-evga-power-supply-unit If you already have a pre-built computer, you may think you’re just fine using that power supply. Well… you’re not! Most power supply units in pre-built computers are underpowered and cannot power anything but the most basic components. When you’re upgrading everything else in your computer, a PSU is extremely important. You do not want to drop $500 on your new CPU, RAM, motherboard, and SSD… only to fry it all the first time you hit the power button. Invest in a good, solid PSU like this EVGA 500w PSU — it’s worth it.

    8. Crucial 250 GB Solid State Drive

    fallout-4-gaming-pc-crucial-solid-state-drive You’ll probably need to buy a regular mechanical hard drive to go along with this Crucial Solid State Drive. 250 GB will fill up fast — especially considering Fallout 4 is 30 GB itself. However, if you install your games and programs onto your SSD, and just use your HDD for storage… you’re gonna see a world of difference. Solid State Drives are incredibly fast — no 2 minute New Vegas loading screens for you!


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