Surviving The Dating Drought

    As the summer comes to an end, and we push our summer flings into the closet and close the door tightly behind us we begin to question what it really means to be in a serious relationship. With hook up culture taking our world by store it seems as if real “dating,” is almost completely impossible. Yeah, your summer fling was fun, but we all know those don’t last past September.

    When September does roll around we find ourselves back in our busy life style, going to work or school, and not really too concerned about being in a relationship because we had just spent the last three months sneaking around in an unofficial relationship.

    Surviving the Drought

    As the leaves begin to fall we reach the dreaded season of the dating drought which occurs between Halloween and Thanksgiving. Couples costumes and family gatherings put us all in a dating panic, and we realize summer flings are a waste and we need to get in a serious relationship ASAP. You can’t dress up as salt without someone to be your pepper on Halloween, and you sure as hell can not show up to Thanksgiving dinner without a plus one again this year.

    We go from being so okay with just a fling to hitting that point where we are all desperate to find love right before the holidays. But here is a little secret for you, you will make it through the drought; because right after Thanksgiving as the first snow begins to fall cuffing season takes over.

    You know that time of year when all everyone wants to do is Netflix and Chill, and be cuddled up in bed all day. When you are suffering from the drought just remember this too shall pass and cuffing season is right around the corner.

    Aside from this positive note, there are other ways to get through the drought other than by counting down the days until cuffing season.

    For starters you can take this time to hydrate yourself with self care practices.

    Let’s be honest we all feel at some points like we need someone else. We have all put on our single guy or gal brave face and acted like we enjoy being alone. Honestly I do it all the time, but in reality I deep down feel like I need someone. The truth of the matter is that I actually don’t. We feel like we need to put on our brave single face and act like we don’t need anyone because deep down we are yearning for that, but if we spent more time treating and loving ourselves we wouldn’t feel this way.

    Use the drought as a time to treat yourself.

    Take yourself for dinner, buy yourself a nice new pair of shoes, or a handbag; and enjoy every minute of spoiling yourself. Learn to realize your worth and understand that the only person that is always going to be by your side is yourself.

    Yes, a serious real relationship is great, but when it is your turn to get cuffed you will be. For now, learn to love yourself; this too shall pass.


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