Surviving Coachella An Essential Guide To Camping

    Surviving Coachella: Camping Guide-New Theory

    Is there some type of music festival going on this weekend? Thought so.

    As Coachella kicks-off the summer series of concerts and camping, combined with the attendance of Woodstock wannabees, New Theory staffers collectively want your experience to be as unforgettable as Instagram makes it seem.

    Everyone has had their fair share of mishaps or war stories out in the field of merriment, but the authentic mission is really all about peace and love. Music will be key in bringing people together under the sun from now until labor day.

    Before you pack up the RV’s with flower crowns, hippie gear, glow sticks and cut-out poster boards of random celebrity heads on sticks, we wanted to make sure you have everything in order before bustling through crowds to get to the headliner stage- literally.

    Whether you are a first-time festival-goer or a seasoned pro, consider this Coachella 101 camping guide, continue reading:

    What You Should Have Prior To Leaving for Coachella:

    • Tickets? Yup, I’m really asking…Because wouldn’t that just be the worst f*cking thing ever!?
    • Your #SQUAD? Seriously, it’s not funny!
    • Wallet? At risk of sounding like your mother, make sure you have your ID, insurance card, cash, etc. But leave behind any unnecessary filler. Just the basics.
    • Phone & Charger? There may be charging stations, but either way DO NOT forget a solar/portable or car charger for your only possible outlet to communicate to the outside world. Plus, how else will you be able to upload to your SnapChat story!?

    Worried about bad cell service and reception? You should be. After all, you are in the middle of a random field! Make sure you have everyone in your crew’s # written down in case you are deserted and cannot find your way back to the group. Festivals usually provide app’s that update set times, maps and other info/cool stuff. Have a plan with your friends ahead of time.

     Upon Arrival at Coachella:

    “Do you know where we parked?” If you hear this question being asked, you are f*cked. Write it down. Seriously. You think you are going to remember? Nope. After a fuzzy, drug and alcohol induced haze, try it. See what happens. Listen to my advice. You will thank me later.

    Hide your valuables. I get it. You think hipsters are too cool to steal? Wrong. If it is really that important to you, DO NOT bring it. In this case, your “valuables” are the essentials- keys, ID, extra money, etc.

    Designate a “LAF” spot. This means a meeting point if everyone scatters and accidentally gets lost as f*ck…Hence “LAF”. This is a last attempt and resort, but needs to be established.

    Backpack Bundle Items Should Include: 

    • Thinking about how you’re going to handle the bathroom situation? Does a bear sh*t in the woods? Well, guess what…This weekend, you do! So be prepared with baby wipes and a spare roll of toilet paper.
    • Morning breath and B.O. are two stenches that can be a killer, especially in such close proximity. Travel-sized toothpaste, brush, gum, mints, deodorant and spritz sprays are all a must. Don’t leave a man behind.
    • Germs galore. Please, oh please bring hand-sanitizer for after meals or just general cleanliness and hygiene. There is never enough sanitizer globally when at a music festival. Share with the community.
    • Dress appropriately. Weather Pending. Not just for pictures, but for comfort. Is it raining? Pack a poncho or rain boots. Cool at night? Bring along your favorite hoodie. This is not a fashion show and you are not Vanessa Hudgens. Get over it.
    • Sunblock. Well, duh.
    • Camera, condoms and waterproof phone cases are a great way to participate in the social media frenzy without damaging your personal treasures.
    • Hydrate! Environmentally-friendly metal water bottle. Check! Let’s just leave it at that.
    • Ladies, I know you want to be desert temptress, but you may be without a shower for a couple of days. Do yourself a favor and braid your locks. Bring dry-shampoo and hair-ties.
    • Earplugs. They don’t take up space and you are going to thank your lucky stars if you are crapped out for the day, have a headache, experience that daytime hangover before the stars come out, or just need some friggin’ sleep.
    • Make sure you keep a secondary dry head-to-toe outfit tucked away, even if you leave it in the car- dry socks, extra shoes, undies and a t-shirt.

    And the most important tip…Have no fear and have a good time! You may just get lucky and catch LEO dancing to some beats, but that only happens once in a lifetime I suppose.