Mom Tweets to Honda Asking For a New Car After Giving Birth

    Beth Newell recently made headlines by directly tweeting to Honda asking for a free car after giving birth. Why is this newsworthy you ask? Because it’s not everyday one’s water breaks and they are forced to give birth in the backseat of a Honda Fit subcompact! Talk about damage control. As if the blessing of a precious bundle of joy wasn’t enough, now seemed like as good of a time as any to chance one’s luck. After all, it’s safe to assume things got a little messy back there.

    And now that the family’s growing, logically the next step in the thought process would be, “Might as well spring for the full-size sedan or modern minivan!” That would be my response after seeing the stains on those material seats. I get annoyed when I drop a french fry after a drive thru run, let alone afterbirth.

    In an attempt to come across very cheeky, Beth Newell did what every new mom naturally does, signed in to social media to showoff her newborn (and try to get FREEBIES)! After posting the pick gone viral, she gained mass attention from followers on various networks, which obviously appealed to the Japanese brand’s multinational ‘generous’ nature.

    Next thing you know, Voilà!

    Less than 140 characters later, the posted photo has been retweeted upwards of 4,000 times and climbing. What’s Honda to do? The internationally renowned car company is receiving an overabundance of messages from Beth supporters urging them to deliver. Pun intended. #GiveTheWomanACar seems to be the cause of the moment with a barrage of threats implying people will trade in their own vehicles if Honda doesn’t jump on the bandwagon ASAP. I mean, come on guys, at least provide her with a bandwagon. Something…

    The best part is that Beth isn’t just a mommy on a mission, she is the founder and editor of satirical women’s magazine, Reductress, which describes itself as ‘the one and only fake women’s news magazine.’ So basically, this woman knows exactly how to relate and get her message across. While the car manufacturer has kept silent thus far, competitors are joining in on the act by offering “push gifts” so they can capitalize on the momentum of the media.

    Either way, as a lady comedic writer, Beth certainly proves that timing and delivery is absolutely everything.

    As for Honda…We’re all waiting in anticipation. The public will give up approximately 9 months to take advantage and do the right thing here!

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