Stewart Law Offices Recognizes the Work of Outstanding Teachers

    The South Carolina attorneys at Stewart Law Offices have recognized the outstanding contributions of educators to their communities by providing an award of $500 each to five carefully selected teachers.

    The philosophy behind the award was to show local educators how valuable they are. In an industry often taken for granted, it’s difficult for teachers to get the praise they deserve. With the teacher appreciation awards, Stewart Law Offices acknowledges the hard work that teachers do on behalf of local students and families.

    Recognizing the Value of Education

    Stewart Law Offices has long demonstrated an investment in education. The firm has offices in five communities through the Carolinas, which makes their connections to South Carolina and North Carolina communities widespread, with ties that run deep.

    Knowing how important education is to the success of every city and town, the law firm believes that supporting the teachers who cultivate young minds is an important way to show that their efforts do not go unrecognized. 

    The award-winning teachers include: 

    • Abramial Madiah, first grade, York Preparatory Academy
    • Jamie Elmore, first grade, India Hook Elementary School
    • Janette Wainman, special education teacher, Indian Land Elementary School
    • Lisa Snipes, third grade teacher, Indian Land Elementary School
    • Jesika Hill, special education teacher, McCarthy-Teszler School in Spartanburg

    Attorney Brent Stewart says that thanks to these educators, he knows that future generations of students will make valuable contributions to their communities. 

    The Importance of Advocacy Beyond the Courtroom

    The attorneys at Stewart Law Offices focus their practice on personal injury matters for accident victims throughout the Carolinas. That means that they are experienced advocates for their clients, striving to obtain maximum compensation for people who have been harmed due to someone else’s recklessness. 

    But for Stewart, the firm’s founder, advocacy naturally extends beyond the courtroom. The son of a schoolteacher, he grew up understanding the importance of education from a personal perspective. When it came to supporting the community, education was a way to honor his family’s legacy and the areas that the firm serves.

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