Sports Betting Tips To Consider For 2023

    If you believe sports betting is merely a game of chance, stop this idea now! When seasoned punters sit to wager on their favorite team or sportsperson, they consider different variables to gain an advantage over the house. Strategy is a blueprint for success in betting, but it requires flexibility to adapt to changing match conditions.

    So what is the trick to sports betting? Here’re some expert-recommended tips to enhance your beginner’s luck.

    1. Don’t try various sports

    Punting is about something other than what sport is most profitable on betting but knowing the game comprehensively. If you’re an ardent baseball fan, don’t jump on football betting because it’s Super Bowl season.

    Being an expert on one sport is much more valuable than wagering on different sports.

    The more you know about a specific sport, the better you can predict the match-winner while betting.

    2. Use data analysis

    Nowadays, several betting experts use data analysis software to understand the current trend in the market. These tools help stay updated by conducting rigorous research about the players’ or teams’ past performances.

    The statistic review of a specific game gives a clear picture, enabling you to find a potential winning outcome. Thus, data analysis improves your betting decisions.

    3. Understand vigs

    The profit or loss margin in sports gambling depends on vig. Also called vigorish, it’s a charge you pay to bookies for placing a bet via their platforms.

    The vig is a part of every odd set by the bookmaker. So whether you place a stake on favorites or underdogs, a sportsbook gets its share from your bet. As they say – “the house always wins!”

    However, the vigorish amount differs based on the odds and bet types you choose.

    4. Shop around

    Further, odds vary from one book to another for every match. So, don’t wager instantly on one sports betting platform. Instead, opening an account on more than one e-sportsbook is an excellent way to choose the best deal.

    Browse various sports betting sites to compare the lines before putting your money at stake. Tracking the slight differences between odds can place you in a more advantageous spot.

    5. Avoid last-minute bets

    Opening lines are the first attempt for the oddsmakers to guess the future betting market for any sport. Bet limits increase with more match-related data down the road, like injury reports, player performance, and sharp action.

    Hence, you’ll find lower limits on early betting lines than those closer to the match event. So as a novice, avoid placing bets at the last moment.

    6. Choose Moneyline bet

    Starting a sports betting adventure with Moneyline bets is ideal for beginners. It is the simplest bet type where you’ll wager on the game’s outcome.

    That said, your goal will be to pick the winning or losing team. For example,

    • With +150 odds (favorites), a $100 bet will profit you a profit of $150 if the team wins.
    • With -120 odds (underdogs), you’ll earn a profit of $100 on a $120 bet if you win the wager.

    7. Redeem bonuses

    Bookmakers release various bonus offers to suffice betting enthusiasts. For instance, the No Deposit bonus allows users to place their first bets without adding any funds. Besides, you’ll receive your money back on losing a wager with a Risk-free bets promo.

    You can easily find these exclusive promos on betting sites that don’t ask for your SSN. Redeeming such bonus offers will reduce risk factors and enhance your odds of winning.

    8. Restrict your emotions

    Punting is more than your love for the sport. We all know the favorite player or the team will only be the match-winner sometimes. Sometimes, you may have to hedge your bets by betting on underdogs rather than favorites. Be rational!

    Besides, don’t chase your losses or get overwhelmed when winning. Know where to put a stop when playing the real money game.

    9. Follow professional bettors

    Are you wondering where can I get sports betting advice? Gaining knowledge has never been more accessible with digitalization.

    You can now follow various sports betting professionals on social media channels such as TikTok and Reddit. They frequently share betting tips, views, and picks after conducting thorough research about the sports market.

    Getting insights from experienced bettors who have tasted the fruit of success in this industry will hone your betting skills for the long term.

    10. Manage bankroll

    Last but not least, stop being reckless with your bankroll. It’s a common mistake many beginners make.

    Bankroll management is all about limiting the frequency and amount of your bets. Ideally, only risk 1% to 5% of your roll. This strategy won’t only save you from massive losses but will even allow you to grow your bankroll gradually.

    The idea is to stay strong while making small profits. So set your daily, weekly, or monthly betting budget.


    No more need to think what is the most profitable way to bet. No one betting technique will fit all the bills. Instead, a flexible strategy is your road to a safe and rewarding gambling experience. It’ll be an absolute game-changer.

    So juggle with your gameplay as the match, market trends, and betting lines progress. Self-discipline and responsible playing is the key to success in sports gambling. Ask any seasoned punter, and they won’t agree more.

    For more betting tips, visit SBS.

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