How Important is Analysis and Research in Sports Betting

    Sports betting for many today is not entertainment, but a real way to make money. But can you blindly rely on your intuition when choosing an outcome, or is it important to analyze and study the facts? You will find the answer in this article prepared by

    The main difference between sports betting and any other gambling game is precisely in the fact that the outcome of an event is less dependent on chance.

    Of course, there is always a risk. Nobody knows in advance how the match will end, even a few minutes before the end of regular time. One can only speculate with varying degrees of probability. Otherwise, bookmakers would not exist, because the essence of their work is that the player is confident in the outcome of an event so that he is ready to risk his money.

    But if you analyze the possible outcomes, then at least you can determine the degree of risk. In the world of betting, there is no place for “favorite teams”, emotions, desires (all this can force you to bet on a known outsider, or simply lose too much). There are only statistics, mathematical forecasting, and probability determination. This is the only way to get a profit of several percent in just a couple of minutes.

    What is analysis in betting

    There are several methods for predicting the possible outcome of a sports event. They will help even a novice player to win good sums.

    • Information analysis. With this method, you collect all available information about the sport and the team: the number of injured players and their importance to the club, past successes, number of yellow cards (in soccer), motivation, and so on.
    • Statistical analysis. It analyzes the teams’ losses and wins, displays some statistics, and then calculates the probability of victory or loss. This approach helps to identify patterns (but it is important to understand if the circumstances that caused a certain trend have changed).
    • Prediction Probability Theory. This method estimates the probability of a match outcome for each team. 

    All these methods are quite effective but time-consuming. Therefore, professional players often resort to the help of special programs (before trusting their conclusions, you need to understand exactly how the programs perform calculations and what data they contain).

    The result of the analysis will be your estimate of the odds, which will have to be compared with the bookmakers’ estimate (it is expressed in the odds of the outcome). Comparing the degree of risk with the odds, you can make a decision. A high-quality analysis of an upcoming sporting event will be the key to success in sports betting.


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