Spaghettini alla Primavera | Welcome Spring!


    spaghettini alla primavera

    Spaghettini alla primavera is a welcomed spring dish after a long winter. As the days grow longer and the weather begins to warm up it’s time for some springtime cooking. With this change in seasons, a kaleidoscope of colorful vegetables begins to show up at farmer’s markets across the USA.   As we all know gardeners and farmers both look forward to spring and they are the first to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

    The beauty of a spaghettini alla primavera recipe is that there are no set vegetables to use. Whatever vegetables you find that are the freshest and most appealing is just fine. One thing I can suggest is to at least use three to five assorted vegetables for this pasta dish. It makes the recipe more colorful, interesting, and nutritious. Also, I prefer a ratio of more vegetables and less pasta. Let’s say a 60/40 combination. The star of this dish is the beautiful and delicate springtime vegetables as the pasta plays a supporting role.


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