Want To Create a Streetwear Brand That Stands Out? Meet Salvatore D’Amelio

    If you’ve had an interest in creating streetwear that stands out to express your love for street fashion, then Salvatore D’Amelio could be the inspiration you seek. For ten years of activity, Salvatore has built three international fashion brands: Minimal, Make Money Not Friends, The Future. He also has a fruitful sneaker store called Drop List. He has an immense influence on Italian streetwear and the economy. 

    Salvatore’s Background

    Salvatore’s father was a fashion entrepreneur, and he thus followed his footsteps and influence, drawing inspiration from his work. His success has been the evolution of his father’s success. He is different from others in his industry because he makes clothes that he loves to wear. His brands are the mirror of what he loves. He acts with love and passion, and not for money, which makes him stronger. Again, he does not follow any trends, but instead, he is a trendsetter. His formats are very exclusive. 

    Getting in The Game

    Salvatore’s success is a result of his hard work to pursue his dreams. He has given his all to lead his team day and night to boost his productivity. His brand Minimal exploded in 4 years, and whenever he walked on the streets, he would get a glimpse of people wearing his brand. 

    Salvatore has gained the expertise and wealth that he uses to gear new projects in his entrepreneurial journey. His company does not only offer ideal streetwear pieces but also impacts the young people and the economy. Salvatore supports young talents with whom he collaborates to ensure the Italian economy grows. He has further earned respect for creating a workforce in his country. 


    Salvatore has faced the obstacles that all entrepreneurs have faced in the technical field. He credits his sustainability to his intense creativity and passion for work which always give him the turning point. The biggest challenge for him is coordinating his team and making sure that they always believe in his dreams and vision. When an entrepreneur gets his team to share his dreams, they can work together to realize the organization’s or rather the owner’s goals.

    Thriving Forces

    Entrepreneurship is a roller coaster and can be challenging to maneuver. However, the strongest survive due to firmness factors such as motivation: distress tips, and success habits. Salvatore fights stress by spending quality time with his family or traveling and researching.  

    Salvatore’s successful habit is shopping and looking at beautiful things. He also makes time for the gym to energize his body. He finds inspiration from spending time with young people to find out the market gaps, studies them, and acts immediately before anyone else does. His motivation comes from his family and children’s future. 


    Salvatore D’Amelio has always followed his course by believing in his dreams and capabilities. He has been patient in achieving his goals, never losing his focus. He continues to follow his dreams and carry on everything he believes in. His successful attitude, way of working, and beliefs have made him stand out among many. Follow him on Instagram.


    • Tony "Disrupt" Delgado

      CEO of Disrupt Magazine

      Tony Delgado ( @disruptceo ) is a Puerto Rican-American software developer, businessman, activist, philanthropist, tech entrepreneur, and founder of Disrupt Magazine.

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