Sony’s New Video-Recording Contact Lenses Are The Future

    The future of video is here, and has arrived in a way we never expected. The multinational electronics corporation – Sony – has filed a patent for contact lenses that capture high-resolution photographs and video as well as store data without the need for a phone, hard-drive or computer. People will now be able to record high-quality video using one (or two) of these smart and innovative technologies. If you’re thinking “oh the quality must be low” or “hmm, it probably doesn’t have many features,” well you’re wrong. This electronic lens will be able to record, store and play back video as well as adjust zoom, focus and aperture automatically. How crazy is that?! In case your eye sight is not the best, you’ll have the option to wear only one of the lenses, as they’ll have the ability to work independently from one another.


    According to the Daily Mail, These magical contacts will have sensors that detect the difference between a blink and a voluntary movement, so when you close your eyes intentionally, the ‘video camera’ will turn on or off. These Sony gems will also detect the length of an eyelid closure, and will therefore be able to erase black frames that result from involuntary blinks in order to create a perfectly seamless, smooth video recording. Sony didn’t stop there – this recording system will be made to not only shoot, but also correct  tilt, repair blur and control focus and aperture. Since you cannot control these things within your eye, this incredible technology will do it for you.

    sonyWe haven’t even told you the most unbelievable part: with a different set of eyelid movements (which you have to set up in advance) you will be able to watch and replay the videos as if you were truly reliving the moment once again. This amazing feature would be possible due to the organic electroluminescence display screen located within the lens. Talk about virtual reality! 


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