Six Unique Going Away Gifts

    Whether it’s a college student leaving home for the first time or a friend chasing their dream of living abroad, going away is an emotional experience. There’s an essence of hope and excitement, as well as trepidation and loss.

    If someone you love is heading out on an adventure, send them with a gift that makes an impact. Here are six unique going away gifts the recipient will enjoy.

    Custom Map

    Give your friend the gift of taking home with them, with a custom laser cut map. Silvan Art, for example, makes custom maps that are intricate and beautifully designed. They showcase the chosen area with incredible accuracy and make for a meaningful work of art.

    You can choose the city where you live or the place your loved one is going. You can get creative and choose a place where you had an incredible experience together or where you first met. The point is to capture that meaning in a piece that can go anywhere.

    Homesick Candle

    Our sense of smell is a powerful memory trigger. Homesick candles are an innovative approach to capturing that effect with city-themed candles. No, the candle doesn’t smell like exhaust or pollution from the industrial park. These candles are made to smell like some of the iconic delights from your chosen city, state, or country.

    For example, Seattle boasts scents of coffee and pine, reminiscent of sipping a hot beverage on a rainy day. The Maine candle smells like blueberries and lavender, like the aromatic summer air in this natural state. Canada has scents of maple, butter, and vanilla. All of these candles are a constant reminder of home in an aesthetically pleasing way.

    Friendship Lamp

    Friendship lamps are a unique innovation that is perfect for college students moving away or best friends who will face a continental divide. These lamps come in pairs and are touch activated. When you touch your lamp, the other one— no matter where it is in the world— will light up.

    The friendship lamp is a beautiful way to say, “I’m thinking of you” without words. Sometimes, words can’t express how much we miss someone. Being able to shine a light during a dark time is a poetic expression of friendship and love.

    A Letter Box

    There’s nothing more personal than handwritten letters. Buy some lovely stationery and write notes for the days ahead. Use this opportunity to share memories and make the big holidays a little easier. For example, you can write a special birthday note, a letter for when the recipient is feeling sad, and another one for New Year’s Eve. 

    Put your letters in a beautiful memory box, so that they’ll be safely stored. This gift builds anticipation and creates a deep connection, no matter the distance. 

    A Custom Photo Book

    If letter writing isn’t your forte, put together a custom photo book of your favorite memories. These are easy to put together and easy to pack for travel. 

    If you create a custom photo book, be sure to print a duplicate copy that you can keep to reflect on as well.

    Local Gift Basket

    One of the hardest parts of moving is discovering that your favorite things don’t exist in other parts of the world. Put together a collection of local goods that your loved one can take with them to their new home. Shop at your favorite locally-owned stores to get an authentic collection that represents home.

    When putting together a gift basket, be mindful that certain things may not be allowed to cross international borders. 

    Going away is never easy. However, with these thoughtful, unique gifts, your friend or family member will always remember that they have someone looking out for them on their adventure.


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