Signs You’re Horrible at Being Adult AF

    So my guess is because you are in your twenties, or possibly even thirties, you somehow consider yourself an adult right?


    “Adulting? is a relatively new term describing a more grown up lifestyle- ya know, like basic friggin’ responsibilities. Apparently our culture needed to create a new adjective to define the ongoing, yet common practice of transforming from adolescent to adult. Often times people seem to even become proud of themselves for doing the regular things and normal activities that any other post-tween should already be doing.

    For example: Paying a bill; Getting stupid drunk, but still getting up for your 9-5; Scheduling your own doctor’s appointment, etc. It is to my understanding by today’s standards, this is actually impressive.

    And well, that just makes me sad…

    If you are at a point where any accountability for routine tasks gives you anxiety, it’s time to reassess your adult situation. I get it. We are all prolonging the inevitable. Guilty as charged. But as we approach maturity, you can take solace in the notion that…

    Phew’ Guess What?


    You’re Just Horrible At Being Adult AF:

    You Still Cannot Seem To Budget Your Money Properly

    1977 --- John Travolta wearing a varsity sweater in . --- Image by © Alan Pappe/Corbis

    You Make A Big Deal About Your Birthday…Every Year…


    Without A George Foreman Grille, You’d Be A Lost Cause

    You Keep Reliving The Same Mistakes 

    -Moving backward instead of moving on…(Like going back to an Ex)

    You Communicate With Your Friends Mostly Through Memes

    Your Breakups Take Up Half The Length Of The Actual Relationship

    When You Hear The Word “Snow?, You Immediately Hope Work Is Cancelled


    You Wake Up Sundays With Life-Ruining Hangovers

    You Get Excited When You See Pop Tarts or Fruity Pebbles

    You Engage In FaceBook Battles & Other Arguments Via Social Media/Internet

    You Think A 401 (k) is a Bike Race Because You Have Yet To Have A Job Which Offers One

    You Consume Media The “Wrong Way?

    – Not the actual, credible news, but your Newsfeed…

    You Kind Of Get Pissed Off At Your Folks If They Book a Vacation Without You


    You Don’t Read Actual Books, Only Online Articles

    When You Do Read A Book, You Brag About It

    Your Furniture Is From Ikea

    Your Dad Put It Together

    You Still Take Pictures of Food and/or Alcohol

    When You Don’t Know What To Do, You Make A Facebook Status


    You Constantly Talk About How You Hate Social Media, But Can’t Stop Snapping 

    Your Coffee Order Is More Than Four Words, Hence You Are Part Of The Problem 

    Your Mom Checks In On How You Have Been Eating

    When You Go Out On Weekends, You Stay Till Last Call

    Long story short. Get it together. People your age are probably starting to get married and/or having babies… legit babies… by choice! Those are the types of things surfacing on newsfeed now. No more neon-clad festivals because, to be honest, are the kids even partying in neon anymore? No, exactly. You are an adult. Stop pretending to be a kid.


    Personally, I am not big on timelines or the logistics of what may be expected for someone my age, because I understand life circumstances are just different. Getting older isn’t easy, but it also doesn’t have to be this hard. And it doesn’t have to be forced. This is a call to my fellow 20-30 somethings to start living in the moment, but being more independent and in-charge of your so-called “adulting?. Nothing lasts forever.


    Individuals need to be paying closer attention to the potential behaviors that are holding us back from reality and becoming the experienced adults we need to be! At least for the sake of our future kids right? I often think to myself, “How the heck am I suppose to teach my kid this if I don’t know how to do it?

    Adult Train is leaving shortly, Time to get all aboard!!!


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