Mr Not Right for You the Biggest Signs to Look For

     We should probably start with signs of Mr. Right:

    He makes you feel safe. 

    Whether it is physically or emotionally, everyone wants to feel safe and secure with their partner.

    He doesn’t hide anything from you. 

    No secrets or lies. He is upfront about how he feels about you and open about his stance on a variety of core values. He communicates with you out of care and concern, not judgement or criticism.

    He doesn’t need to win every argument.

    You win some, you lose some, right? Right. He doesn’t always have to be right, but he doesn’t always have to be wrong. He fights fair like any humble and authentic man would. Ego? What ego? His pride is well under control. He will do his best to understand your point of view for the well-being of the relationship.

    He is genuinely interested in hearing about what’s going on in your life. 

    He remembers all of the minor details- every story, every anecdote you tell! He can even recall Sue’s name from the office when you go on a rampage about work. Mr. Right truly wants to be there for you so he tries his best to keep up to speed on your day to day.

    He is loved by your friends and family.

    As a believer that the intimate moments are what should count most, often times it’s not reality. Life isn’t just the two of you on a deserted island. Life involves his friends and family, as well as yours. Everyone’s opinion may not be the defining factor, but wouldn’t it be nice if everyone just got along? When your friends and family adore him, it makes it easier to picture your future lives intertwining together.

    He respects your ‘Me’ time. 

    He gives you privacy when you need. He appreciates the time spent a part so that both of you can do your own thing. This way you have more to share and connect with when you are together. He wants you to want him, not need him. Be complete and have a life without him.

    He values life.

    Mr. Right knows the value of life. A truly amazing significant other will expand your vision of your life: he will encourage you to seek good employment, save your finances, wanderlust as much as possible, consider new ideas, try brand new activities and overall become a better, stronger person. His passion for life should reflect the passion you have for each other.

    He never gives you a reason to make excuses for him. 

    The moment you start having to defend him to others, or worse, to yourself, it’s time to reevaluate. He will never give you a reason to question his intentions or explanations.

    He is fun to be around. 

    He makes you laugh- genuine laugh. Anything you do becomes more fun when you are around him, including laundry or grocery shopping. He’s just that type of dude.

    He claims you. 

    Yup. He’s into you. He shows you off and has no problem publicly professing his admiration or staking his claim that you’re his girl!


    So now that you know what you should look for, we should discuss the main signs that he is Mr. Wrong:


    He makes you feel like you are the crazy one. 

    This guy is a master manipulator. He knows exactly how to spin any situation into making you feel like you over-reacted. Think Ronnie from the Jersey Shore…That guy was good!

    He looks at other attractive women in front of you. 

    He doesn’t care if it hurts your self-esteem or not, he is always on the prowl for the next potential best thing. This guy is hard to trust. Especially if he is doing it in front of you, just imagine what it must be like if you are more than 5 feet away.

    He isn’t reliable. 


    He doesn’t put in the time. He doesn’t put in the effort. He makes false promises leaving you to feel less and less important. He can be hot sometimes, and cold others, you never know where you stand. You are forced to question everything.

    He keeps you isolated from his dudebros. 

    This guy keeps it only you and him- all of the time. No intros to his buddies, co-workers, family, etc. Why you ask? That’s an excellent question. He is clearly trying to keep distance by not incorporating you into other areas of his life or mixing crowds. It keeps things less confusing and easier to break things off when less people know the deal.

    He forgets things you have mentioned multiple times. 

    Whether it’s a reminder about upcoming events or just trying to keep him filled in on office drama, he doesn’t remember names or dates. You can even introduce him to people and he doesn’t even bother to put forth an effort to remember who they are. It can often be embarrassing. You talk, but he doesn’t seem to pay attention. It must not be important to him.

    He has no reverence for your boundaries. 

    He pushes you or adds pressure on you to do things you may not be comfortable with…may be it’s sexual, or perhaps it is just projecting his likes and interests on to you, expecting your participation in everything that he wants to do.

    Mr. Wrong always thinks he’s right. 

    I get it. Naturally people are going to have conflict, but this guy makes no attempt to try and understand where you are coming from. He pays no mind to your perception and how you feel. He displays selfish behaviors because he always knows best.

    He disrespects other women.

    The way a man treats other women is the way he will eventually treat you. Proceed with caution if he’s rude to the waitress, calls other women bad names because of the way they dress, or has a broken relationship with his mother or sister. Don’t settle for a man who doesn’t know the true value of a woman.

    He’s more into himself than he is into you.

    It’s a bad sign when a man doesn’t compliment you when you’re done up to perfection. If a man constantly talks about himself and his achievements and only tends to his own needs, you will have to bear being in second place for the entirety of the relationship.




    Yeah. So that’s that.