Seize the Sunday Funday Guide to Not Having A Basic Boozy Brunch

    Remember when the concept of brunch meant some French Toast and perhaps a little “hair of the dog”? Very civilized. It was an opportunity to sulk in the ambiance of embarrassment as you reread your drunk texts and confronted friends with recaps of the shenanigans from the night prior. Now Sunday Funday has been taken to a whole new level… I am not just talking about some quality time with a Mimosa and #BAE (Bacon and Eggs), I’m talking opting for a Saturday night in just so you can go hard AF on a bottomless brunch.

    Sunday brunch culture has transformed into an art form complete with sparklers, champagne, techno beats and oftentimes a midget swinging for a chandelier. Or is that just my experience?

    In an attempt to postpone those Monday Blues just a little bit longer, Sunday is the new day to #turnup the weekend vibes. Keep in mind this is no average Happy Hour, or cure for a hangover, this is a new wave in adult day-drinking.

    What are the ingredients mixed for this hybrid feast leading you down the path to debauchery? Nope. It’s not one Bloody Mary before noon. There are many ways to prepare for an epic adventure. Don’t be intimidated. Let us guide you so you can master “brunchin”.

    Like any other party, it is fundamental to form a great group of people. Choose wisely. Everyone needs to be 100% down and committed to the occasion. This day is all about the memories. Dancing, drinking, and of course, uploading all of the photos to social media in a timely fashion. There is no time for drama. It’s about going all in. Go big or go home. Oh, and never leave a man behind. Basic principles.

    If You Don’t snooze, You Will Lose. 

    If you are really trying to Carpe Diem and make the most out of the brunch, it is very important to let your body rest up on Saturday. It is not a good idea to hit the club and binge drink the night before. I’m pretty sure this is an obvious one, yet more often than not people think they are game to handle anything until the wee hours of the morning. You are not 21 anymore. The jig is up. Be somewhat responsible so you can spend the brunch being irresponsible. Use your Saturday to catch up on a gym session or give yourself a facial while watching Bravo. The next day you will awake refreshed, wide-eyed, bushy tailed and ready to seize Sunday with a vengeance.

    Food Fuel

    Eating is an essential component to making sure you can last. I don’t just mean eating throughout the day, but before the cocktails even begin to set in- carb overload if you have to. This way your stomach is coated enough to soak up the alcohol and you stand a surviving chance. I know what your thinking, sometimes when you are full it makes it harder to drink or you want to get drunk quicker so you eat light. Not today my friend, not today. Reminder, work still starts promptly at 9:00 am tomorrow.

    Successful Spontaneity

    Of course it always best to march into battle with some type of strategy. But you need to strike a balance and not do any serious thinking. It’s two o’clock in the afternoon and inside the restaurant looks like 3:00 am. How could you not get completely lost in the moment? Ditch the itinerary because nothing is going to go as planned. Impromptu bar-hopping and bad decisions is going to make this a day you won’t really remember, but you know was super fun and worth it.

    Dress to Impress

    Celebrate in style. Pay homage to the “walk of shame” by dawning your favorite body-hugging number. Nothing says brunch like looking like a “lady of the night” when the sun is still shining. Dig through your closet for Sunday’s best-literally. Low-cut? Backless? High-heels? Go for it. Pick your poison and get ready to turn heads while everyone else is busy in their sweats running errands.

    Quench Your Thirst

    Despite the desire to throwback multiple shots as the liquids flow, H20 should be the primary and necessary star of the show. Know your limits. Adult beverages may allow your inhibitions to be lowered for a good time, but it is more important to stay hydrated. Keep your energy levels up by drinking plenty of water before hand, as well as alternating a glass or bottle between drinks. This will help you last longer and will keep your body from shutting down entirely. After all, this isn’t amateur hour. Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!


    This is the moment when Sunday stops feeling like a Sunday and the anxiety of Monday starts to kick-in. This emotion arises whether using the close of the weekend to party like a rock-star or to have a chill, relaxing and low-key day with yourself. Conquer this sentiment and brunch like there’s no tomorrow.

    Brunch is all about decadence. As much as we fight the urge to indulge when we mature, sometimes you just need to say F*ck it and celebrate the wonderful joy of life by combining breakfast, lunch, and intoxication! Be safe and order your eggs scrambled, not fertilized.