Fabulous Female Affirmations To Get You Through The Day

    It is no Secret, Behind Every Interesting Man, is a Fabulous Woman!

    The Dos Equis Man has continuously given us great one-liners and anecdotes which constantly reassure us of how interesting he really is. But what about all of the astonishing women out there celebrating the moments they shine?

    Sorry Bros, but this one is for us chicks.
    Mr. Dos Equis simply sticks to one type of beer; doesn’t seem very spontaneous to me.
    One can only imagine the mind of a truly remarkable lady who rarely reveals her adventures!
    As we sip our Skinny Girl Cocktails, embrace the chaos and mayhem, and even perhaps cause a little trouble ourselves, I dedicate this list to all my ladies keeping the mystery alive. *Cheers* May you always be consumed with passion for your life and remember to keep things interesting!

    Here are Affirmations to Remind You How Interesting…& Fabulous You Are

    (Feel free to read these is Mr. Dos Equis voice for the full effect.)

    I may gain 40 pounds during my pregnancy, but I will lose 50 pounds at the birth.

    When I get my bangs cut too short, they will automatically grow back out of respect.

    I do not need to go to the bathroom in large groups.

    When I break wind, it smells like lavender.

    My car runs on Pumpkin Spice Latte Coffee Beans all year round.

    Guys do not wait the 3 days to call me.
    My boss does all of my work for me so I can just relax.
    While kickboxing the punching bag tries to get out of the way.

    Regina George is scared of me.

    Victoria Secret models ask me for weight loss tips.

    When I sing karaoke large groups of animals gravitate towards me.

    The first time Usher saw saw me, he wrote the lyrics to O.M.G.

    When I arrive late to a party that means it is when it starts.